Studying Your “I”

235Question: I feel something, including myself. What is the “I” in which I feel myself?

Answer: “I” is what I feel in similarity to the field surrounding me. Everyone has this feeling: the smallest particle, an atom, a cat, a child, a man. Otherwise they would not be able to perceive the impact of the field and submit to it.

Question: But can I study only that which is outside of my “I”? Even if it is a part of me, I still have to treat this object as something external and then I can explore it?

Answer: Yes. This is a prerequisite. You must necessarily separate from yourself. Therefore, to truly study an object, there is a preliminary ascent to the next level so that you can break away from your previous “I.” And then you can attain it. Virtually, the entire science of Kabbalah is just the study of one’s “I.”

Question: Am I constantly changing, focusing, and then what I study is constantly expanding?

Answer: Yes. And then, at the last stage, it all comes together and integrates into one single whole.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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