Consciousness And Subjectivity Of The World

79.01Comment: Speaking about the definition of consciousness, you said that it is an image of the information field that is influencing us.

My Response: Of course, after all I am a product of this field. It comes first, and I am just a derivative.

Basically, who am I? We say that everything that exists in my sensations is what I feel, and that is why it exists. Without me it would not exist because it exists only in relation to me. It turns out that the world is absolutely subjective. Thus, we talk about ourselves as being just consciousness and nothing more.

Question: Then can we say that my consciousness works against the consciousness that is represented by the information field?

Answer: In some ways, yes because, in the end, this field wants us to use the consciousness that it creates in us to interact with it correctly.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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