Spiritual Sensations

294.2Remark: In recent years, scientists around the world have been actively studying the phenomenon of spiritual sensations.

From the point of view of neuroscience, it is related to the activity of the lower parietal lobe of the brain. All tested subgroups have a similar sign of this sensation, when in a person’s consciousness the boundary between his personality and the rest of the surrounding world is blurred and a feeling of connection with something much larger than himself arises.

My Response: Correct. On the plane of our earthly psychology, this is exactly what happens.

Question: How can we evoke spiritual sensations, something that is defined in the material world as enlightenment?

Answer: True spiritual sensations do not depend on mental, physical, or moral efforts. They depend only on the person’s interactions with those around him when he, through the direct positive influence on others, reaches the revelation of the connection with the upper force of governance. But only to the extent he is able to rise above his ego.

Question: Is the brain activated in any way in that?

Answer: No. It could be a very simple person or it could be a great sage, it does not matter.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 2/16/21

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