What Is Behind The Images Of Our World?

231.02Zohar for All, Shemot, Item 81: It is written: “He took those arrows and lowered them to his nostrils. Blood came out of his nostrils, implying Dinim in red color.”

Question: How should we understand those phrases: “arrows,” “blood came out of his nostrils”?

Answer: Many of the terms in The Book of Zohar sound strange to us because behind all the images of the corporeal world stand upper forces, and we name them by names of our world.

Kabbalists took the earthy language to talk about the upper forces, their states, relationships, and combinations. They have no other way to describe the upper world because there are no words there. But forces descend from there to our world and we can take names from our world to describe the forces and properties of the spiritual world.

Therefore it is allegorically said “three arrows,” “nostrils,” and so on. And immediately there is a transition to another purely Kabbalistic language: HGT de Zeir Anpin. Thus, The Book of Zohar tells us about everything in a mixture because it wants to take you out of this world so that you enter the next depiction, the spiritual world.

It is as if it places before you two screens. You automatically look at the picture that depicts some images from our world. Yet in fact, you should try through them to penetrate inside and see the combination of two forces, the bestowing one (Israel) and the receiving one (Rome), and in what position they are with each other.

When a person recognizes them correctly, he becomes the third force between them.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #8

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