Man—Receiver Of The Informational Field

537Man is a receiver in which the surrounding field is manifested and it includes absolutely everything. Depending on how similar we are to this field and how much we as sensors capture it, our informational, conceptual, sensory, and other structures change.

In principle, man feels this field to the measure of his similarity to it, and he divides this sensation into feelings and reason. There are many divisions in the feelings, many gradations in the mind.

Thus, the feeling of oneself and everything around us as existing is a measure of similarity or, conversely, dissimilarity from the information field in which we are located.

Apart from man and this field, practically nothing exists. Inanimate, vegetative, and animate objects and people are only a projection of a person’s consciousness on himself. And there is nothing that actually exists in relation to it except for this field, which is informational in terms of knowledge and sensations.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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