How To Change The Attitude Toward Your Consciousness?

616.2Question: If today people could somehow change their attitude to their consciousness, what would you advise them in order to see some changes in their lives?

Answer: I don’t think it’s easy. To master the Kabbalistic technique, a teacher is needed who shows the students how to properly cancel themselves in front of each other, how to level their egoism, how to begin to perceive others, how everyone is enriched at the expense of the other nine participants, and how they are included in each other.

And then these inclusions turn them into one common whole where everyone no longer separates himself and the others, even if he perceives and absorbs from others what is in them. At the next level of consciousness, they turn from ten to one, into one whole.

And then you can collect a lot of such tens, turn each of them into a unit, connect them together, and so build a pyramid. Then you will see what happens with the exit to integral consciousness. There are very big opportunities here.
From KabTV’s “Together About Important Things” 2/9/18

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