Science And Consciousness

Laitman_083Opinion (David Chalmers, Australian Philosopher and Cognitive Scientist): “Consciousness is the most mysterious phenomenon in nature. Why do we have consciousness? The answer is unknown. Physics explains chemistry, chemistry explains biology and psychology. But consciousness is beyond the normal definition of our world.

“Consciousness is fundamental. Physicists accept particular aspects of nature as basic: space, time, and mass. They deduce and derive the basic laws that govern nature. These characteristics and laws are not explained in any other form, and upon them a model of the entire world is built. If it is impossible to explain consciousness by means of the basic existing elements (space, time, and mass), then that must also be included in this list, accepting consciousness as a basic element of nature.

“Consciousness is universal. Every system has consciousness to a particular degree: Not only people, flies, and bacteria, but also the elementary particles. Even a photon has consciousness. Does a photon have understanding or thought; is it tormented by worry about where it is being carried with the speed of light? No, but there are possibilities that photons have some kind of subjective feeling, something that precedes consciousness.

“It could be that the connection of consciousness to physical processes is a connection of consciousness with information. There, where information is being processed, is where consciousness is also found. The integrated processing of information, as with humans, is integrated consciousness. The simple processing of information, this is simple consciousness.”

My Comment: The wisdom of Kabbalah maintains that everything is only in the human. And everything that seems to us as outside of the human only seems that way to us, but essentially everything is found within us, and outside of us there are no other creatures. Consciousness is connected with information, which depends only on connections with the Upper Light, the characteristic of bestowal.

Only the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) and the Ohr Pnimi (Inner Light), in all the forms that are created (still, vegetative, animate, including humans) maintain consciousness, to the degree of the development of the ego within them and the ascent above it. See Lesson Number 1 from April 5, 2015. We are “swimming” within the Upper Light, in the higher consciousness….

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  1. what is the smallest thing ever? they are quarks or photons? what is the name of that smallest thing, I dont know. Why a person’s consciousness is ever pushed in to that smallest thing? or is it always like that but understanding of that feels like a pushing or some painful force? do they always have to feel angry right before that? is there anything sane in this kabbalah ever?

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