Living For The Soul

laitman_537Question: You said that every person must attain his own soul. Can you explain how I will behave once I attain my soul?

Answer: A person who attains his soul begins to see the spiritual world, the upper system that governs us. He begins to see everything above time, motion, and place.

The soul’s perspective isn’t from the birth to the death of the physical body, but from zero to infinity; to the height of the whole ladder a person climbs toward his soul. He will behave only for the benefit of the soul, just as at the moment a person’s behavior is determined only by pleasing his body, his egoistic desire.

A person who discovers his soul feels that this is a totally different life, as it is written, “I saw an upside down world.” Then, he begins to live for the soul since this his greatest eternal part. Previously, he felt pleasure in a totally different manner. The Light that fills the soul fills a person with pleasure that is 620 times greater than all the pleasures in this world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/10/15

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  1. second part of daily lesson. who has understanding of none else beside him is a comfortable phase?

  2. Look. if you see a wall a gate and a lock on it. just trust that they are there for a reason. even understanding of that there is you and there is just one another thing in this whole universe is painful enough so you just dont even want to imagine what is the understanding of there is none else beside him. that no time no place no motion thing is not some disneyland.

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