Consciousness That Creates Reality

Laitman_083In the news (“Our consciousness is the way by which we perceive our reality, our thoughts, the essences of information and our intentions. But the search for our consciousness in the brain is like searching for the announcer on a radio.

“Our consciousness is the basis, and matter is a derivation of our consciousness. We cannot transcend the limits of our consciousness. The claim that consciousness creates reality may refer to the fact that we can form and create any reality that we wish. How do we do that?

“Modern physics recognizes the fact that the spectator creates reality. As spectators we personally participate in the creation of our own reality.  We are forced to admit that the universe is a material structure. Knowledge directs us to a reality that is not mechanical and the inverse begins to seem like a giant thought, not like a huge machine.

“The mind no longer appears as an “accidental intruder” in matter. We should welcome it as the creator and dominator of the kingdom of matter. We have to accept the unequivocal conclusion: the universe isn’t material but mental and spiritual.”

My Comment: These findings come from researchers of nature. Today they don’t fear moving from the study of matter to the study of forces: of desire, thoughts, and intention.

Matter exists only in our subjective consciousness. Then they will acknowledge that everything that exists (forces) is only perceived by our subjective feelings, and then according to Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol.1, “Histaklut Pnimit.

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