What Is Consciousness?

281.01Question: Is it possible to separate such concepts as consciousness, mind, and intellect? Or are they all one?

Answer: Consciousness is possible only when we feel not only the information field, but also its source. To the extent that we feel this source, we form its images, and this is called our consciousness.

Consciousness can be high and can be ordinary, lower, instilled in us from childhood by upbringing, by the influence of the environment, etc. And the consciousness that we can develop in us is additional perceptions felt not only in our natural desire to receive, but also in the acquired intention to bestow.

And then we will begin to feel the information field. Almost everything that we explore and everything that we are interested in knowing depends on which field we are in because it forms the whole picture of the world in us. The picture of me and the world.

I feel you, I feel the world around me, everything that is. Where does this come from?

It is clear that it is inside me. It is clear that I am now talking practically with myself as if with a mirror. If I am interested in knowing what consciousness is, then first of all I must find out who am I dealing with and what is this field? What are its characteristics, its root causes of influence on me, what does it want from me, why did it create me like this with limited perception?

Why should I go through such stages of development in order to feel it more? Why are there also feelings besides consciousness? Why, when approaching or moving away from this field, do positive or negative feelings arise in me which, perhaps, interfere with my research?

If you tie the research of a scientist in the field of chemistry or physics to certain feelings—he loves this, he does not love that, this is pleasant to him, that is not—then can they interfere with him?

He must rise above his senses in order to examine all these phenomena objectively.

Consciousness is how I perceive myself under the influence of the surrounding field. Consciousness is an image of the field that influences me. Its desire, its intention, and its plans are everything that I’m trying to get from it, to find out what nature wants from me.

If I eventually somehow formalize all this in myself, I can call this my consciousness.

Question: Some researchers talk about the information field as the basis, while others talk about the field of consciousness. But if the information field exists objectively, then is it impossible to talk about consciousness without an object that perceives this information?

Answer: As a Kabbalist, I must say that nothing objective exists. Everything exists only relative to the person who perceives it. And what is outside of a person, we cannot even say. We have neither instruments nor abilities to exit ourselves and begin to perceive what is outside of us. This is not given to us.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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