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Convention Like The Beating Of One Heart

944First of all, we must reveal who we are, that is, that we belong not just to the inanimate, vegetative, and animate world, but to the global system of nature, which is all integral, connected, and interdependent. We exist under the control of one force that acts on us from above without asking us because it has a predetermined program.

Even before we appeared on the degree of this world according to its decision, it was already planned that we would depend on each other as one man with one heart in order to reveal these connections. Precisely because we are so different, disconnected, distant, and opposite, but we yearn to connect above all our differences, we assemble from these opposites a mechanism that will be called “Come and See” (Bo-Reh), the Creator.

Since we are created beings, we advance by revealing everything from the contrast of opposites, like black on a white background; otherwise, we would not be able to examine, study, and perceive different qualities.

Therefore, the further humanity develops, the greater separation we feel, and eventually we start to hate and repel each other. Development always takes place along two lines: left and right. First, the left line is revealed: dislike, hatred, and enmity. Then we realize the essence of creation, its correction, and that the Creator alone controls the two lines, both left and right.

Then we begin to come closer to each other and connect to such an extent that we become like one man with one heart.

All corrections take place in two stages: the left line and the right line. This is how the heart beats; it operates in two directions: pumping blood and pushing it out. If we act in this way without interrupting the stream flowing in both directions, in and out, inside the heart and inside our life, then only in this form do we feel our reality and the reality of the Creator, and in this movement we feel ourselves and our life.

Therefore, we have to work on connecting into one ten. Although each of us is able to perform only one partial action, we still work together like parts in an engine that perform different functions but for the sake of one goal, one action, and a common result.

This is exactly how we need to see the world Kabbalistic group, as one body where everyone is focused on the purpose of creation and everyone is ready to do everything to reach it to the extent of their understanding of their role, feelings, and the abilities given to them from the general system of creation.

Therefore, the main thing is to connect for common action. In this connection, no one is similar to the other, but everyone is working to reach a common goal. We are very different in this work, and the differences will only increase. This is how the disciples of Rabbi Shimon at first did not feel the differences between them, and when they advanced, they sometimes wanted to kill each other.

So, as we develop, we discover our confrontation and opposition, the distance between us. But when we reach connection, we reveal in it all the qualities of the Creator and all of His nature from the side of creation by becoming like Him and merging with His nature.

Therefore, the path of correction is connection in one ten, a correct union. By completing each other in the ten, everyone reaches perfection. The Creator builds out of us the structure of a man, Adam, similar to Him. This system becomes such that the Creator dresses into it and is revealed to all parts of creation, to all souls. This is His purpose in relation to all created beings.

After the connection we reached at the congress, no matter which parts of the world we go to, we should feel like parts of the same body that are completing each other. We need to be connected with each other like a mother who feels her children and what is happening to them even if they are far away, and she thinks about them all the time. Our connection must be even stronger because we belong to a spiritual body.

If we yearn for such a connection, we will reveal the upper reality that exists in an eternal and perfect form above this corporeal reality that is revealed within us now.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/23, “Preparing for the opening of the heart at the Congress”

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Everything Will Be Fine if We Have a Correct Connection

504How hard a person perceives his state depends on his understanding of what goal he is moving toward. Then he will have no problem going through any state as long as it leads to a good result.

I think we understand what is happening to us and what should happen. The difference between a bad and a good state is in fact only in the quality of the connection between us.

If the connection is good and correct, then everything goes smoothly like a stream flowing freely through unclogged pipes. The main thing is that there should be no blockages in them and that no one blocks the access for the others, but on the contrary, wants to tie them together and connect them.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/23, “Preparing for the opening of the heart at the Congress”

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What Blocks Our Uniting?

565.01Comment: Let’s say a person understands 100% that he has to come to his friends and embrace them. He approaches them, and then some kind of blockage occurs in him. He cannot even touch these people; it is not in his power.

My Response: It is a very good state! Beautiful! I understand this very well!

Question: But what is blocking him, and how can he do something?

Answer: He is blocked by the lack of need for it.

He needs a shock, the realization that he will not survive without it. He should be in such a state that if he does not do this, then his very unsightly behavior will be revealed, which will hit his pride, and cause sizzling shame in front of everyone.

He needs to raise the necessity of this movement in himself like a person who grasps at straws. “There is nothing to grab because you are drowning! How will this straw help you?” But he grabs. That is the feeling he lacks. There is not enough sense of necessity! Moreover, the necessity without which there is death. He has to repeatedly convince himself of this.

Comment: But the trick of egoism is that it finds a bunch of things against it.

My Response: It is that same light that shows you how much you are not ready to connect with it yet.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. As Long as I’m Alive, They will Only Suffer…” 6/2/12

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All of Humanity Are Inhabitants of the Land of Israel

933Comment: You once said that one way or another, all of humanity will become inhabitants of the land of Israel.

My Response: Kabbalistic sources say that at the end of days the land of Israel will expand to the entire world.

This means that forces that are now concealed must descend from above to this land and from here spread their influence to the entire territory of the planet.

No matter where people are, they will feel their contact with the upper world, with the Creator. Therefore, the land of Israel is considered special.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalistic Geography” 10/10/10

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Why Do We Need to Disseminate?

254.01Question: What is the difference between getting a desire from the masses and the need that we should have during our studies? For example, before reading The Book of Zohar, you always say that now we need Hissaron, spiritual hunger, a common desire.

Answer: Of course! There can be nothing without a common desire! Only a common desire rises upward. Only through a common desire can you attract the light; otherwise, you do not correspond to it and there is no contact.

In order for there to be contact, all convex and concave parts in the contacting devices must be the same.

Therefore, if you act alone, there will be no contact. First, you have to collect the desires of the masses, which is called “a prayer of many.” And when you raise it up, you lift up this common desire to be filled. At the same time you are as if asking for them: “Give me for them!”

But first you have to get their desires from them, and here dissemination, connection with others, and contact with the outside world are necessary. Your studies will not be of any use if you do not pursue the goal of fulfilling someone.

And where is this goal to fulfill someone? Show it practically. Kabbalah is a very practical thing; otherwise, it would not have been revealed now! Otherwise, I would have been sitting quietly, writing my books quietly, and that is it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Benefits of Fasting” 5/7/12

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The Psychological Impact of Jerusalem

417Question: There is a phenomenon called the Jerusalem Syndrome. Do you believe in it?

Answer: Indeed, there is such a syndrome. Even doctors talk about it.

First of all, Jerusalem is characterized by a special, somewhat unusual yellowish light. Artists and photographers know this. But no one understands why it is like this. There is a certain impression of yellowness, gold, in this city.

In addition, there is a special power in Jerusalem, a psychological impact on a person noted when sensitive people or people with a weak psyche suddenly begin to not feel well, this city has too strong an impact on them.

You have to get used to it, adapt. Although holiness, the upper force, practically left this city after the destruction of the Temple, there is still a connection with it, but it is hidden. And that is why it is felt.

But when this connection really begins to be restored, then Jerusalem will begin to radiate such tremendous spiritual energy from itself that it will be felt in all corners of the world.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalistic Geography” 10/10/10

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