Everything Came Out Of Jerusalem

200.01Jerusalem is considered the center of the world, the eternal city. It was founded by King David as the capital of the Kingdom of Judah and it is the capital of Israel today. Jerusalem is mentioned 800 times in the Tanakh, which means it is given great importance in all three major world religions and especially in Judaism.

Jerusalem is considered an eternal city despite the fact that it has been destroyed and conquered by invaders several times over the course of history. Today, Jerusalem is at the very center of controversy for the entire world. Why is the attention of the world focused on this tiny piece of land?

The spiritual world, as well as the material world, must have a center. It was once believed that the center of the universe was the sun around which everything revolves. And this is actually the case if you look at our solar system from the point of view of astronomy.

And in the human system, everything emerged from Jerusalem even though Jerusalem existed as a small settlement even before Jews came to the land of Israel. They conquered the land by defeating seven other nations that lived on it, and they populated the place according to instructions from above. Since then, Jerusalem has belonged to Israel.

Jerusalem is a special place that is the heart of Israel. It did not immediately become a central city; there were several other such places before it. But after a while, Jerusalem became the most important center and received the names “city of peace,” “city of David,” “perfect city,” and since then, it has been proclaimed as the capital of Israel forever.

Why did King David chose this particular location for the capital of his kingdom? It is the place where the spiritual and material centers of the world come together. That is why people are so attracted to this point and many feel special phenomena in it. Even today, many tourists who come to visit Jerusalem say that it has a special glow, an unusual feeling of certain vibrations.

There is even such a phenomenon in psychiatry as the “Jerusalem syndrome” in which a person begins to imagine himself as a historical character from the Tanakh and forgets who he really is.

If we could look at Jerusalem from the inside, as if through an X-ray, we would see that it contains many spiritual properties: the Temple Mount, Mount Scopus, the city walls, etc. We would see the special atmosphere that reigns in every corner of Jerusalem. Every smallest fragment of this city bears the imprint of a special spiritual quality.

These symbols have existed in Jerusalem for thousands of years, but for us they have become familiar and commonplace. On the other hand, we must understand that the main thing is not the thousands-year-old walls, but the people who look at Jerusalem.

It is the people who must give a special spirit to this city, the correct spiritual symbols. Because on one hand, Jerusalem is called the city of peace, and on the other hand, it is constantly torn by strife and wars so it is not clear how to bring it to perfection and peace.

We still have a lot of work to do in order to understand what Jerusalem is and what needs to be done to make it whole and perfect. Jerusalem is not only a city of peace but also a city of perfection and integrity. How can we bring it to a state where the ten spiritual Sefirot would unite with the soil of this world, that is, so that the end of correction would come?

For this, we study the science of Kabbalah and strive to reach the state where this will happen. We ourselves must become whole and perfect. It is thanks to the people who live in this city and achieve unification of everyone—all races and nationalities—that it will become the city of peace, the perfect city.

To do this, we need to learn how we can create such a form of humanity where all people will be united by good, correct, friendly ties to the full extent. Then we will understand the power that is contained in this city. The more we unite together, the more we will reveal the power hidden in Jerusalem. Then it will be a perfect city.
From KabTV’s “The Peace” 5/25/21

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