Jerusalem—Absolute Awe

933Comments: At the very beginning of the Passover Haggadah, it is said that our forefathers were engaged in idolatry. That is, we had a fragmented worldview when people lived in selfishness and everyone worshipped their own god.

My Response: People did what they wanted to do.

Question: Then, after leaving Egypt, it is written: “Next year, in Jerusalem.” What does it mean?

Answer: This is a completely different kind of connection between people when they reach a new level in uniting over their egoism.

Egoism remains inside everyone, but above it, we build the next level, the level of mutual bestowal and love. This highest level is called “Yerushalayim, ” i.e., “ira shlema”—absolute awe.

It means there is no greater concern, no greater awe in me than to maintain the quality of bestowal and connection with everyone. This is what I value above all else.

But today we are in a completely opposite state. Today, Jerusalem is the very opposite of the spiritual property.

Comments: When the Kabbalists wrote this, they did not mean at all what we mean by these words.

My Response: It is not difficult for them to describe everything that exists in the spiritual world in terms of our world. They see it.

The walls of Jerusalem, the stones, and the city mean certain internal properties and levels of spiritual development.
FromKabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/15/19

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