Within Reason And Above It

608.01Question: I cannot analyze myself at the level I am at. To do it, I must rise to the next level. What does “rise” mean? To go from your senses to a higher level, to the mind?

Answer: When you rise to the next level with your senses, you cannot intelligently process them in it. And the lower level from which you have ascended is now clear to you because it has already entered your mind.

When you ascend with your senses, you have intellectual feeling of where you have risen from. Therefore, the ascent from the lower level to the next in Kabbalah is called faith above reason.

That is what we do. When you get to the upper level, you begin to feel the lower level, perceive it in your mind. Faith above reason is no longer needed here.

And in order to understand the next step, again senses, faith above reason, and the lower level, which is within reason turns into knowledge.
From KabTV’s “Meeting with Kabbalah” 3/1/19

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