Mind—Connection Between Specks Of Feelings

250Question: Consciousness is our thoughts and feelings. A thought is a product of the mind.

Kabbalah believes that there is only the thought of creation, that is, the information field. In this sense, thoughts and heart complement each other. The driving mechanism is the desire of the heart, and the result of processing these feelings is thought. Is thought also a sensation?

Answer: If we are talking about the basis of our entire nature, then it is sensation. Just a feeling. In other words, desire and what is perceived in it. The mind is the connection between these specks of feelings.

Question: When you say “leave your mind,” are you talking about an external mind that is detached from feeling? If it is based on feeling, is it already something different?

Answer: In order to feel correctly, we need to break away from the mind and then return to it again. There must be reason between the feelings: senses – reason, feelings – reason. However, when they are together, they actually interfere with each other and do not allow each other to develop.

Let’s say I felt something. Now I can process it in my mind and then as if detach it from myself and try to expand the range of my feelings again.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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