Playing With Sensations

laitman_567_04Question: You often say that the wisdom of Kabbalah is a science that is grasped in the senses. But a science cannot be studied without the intellect, without thinking?

Answer: Of course, it is impossible. The wisdom of Kabbalah is not grasped in the senses, but we feel in feelings. Then we check these feelings: we divide, we compare among themselves, we give them graduating numbers as though weighing them.

In fact, Kabbalah is playing with feelings. But it orders them systematically, and we start to see the interaction of desires, what feelings arise in each of them.

In Kabbalah, we measure very precisely all the feelings and give them a numeric name, determining their power, direction, properties and so on. Therefore, we have a science of feelings, because the only matter of our world is desire.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is depicted as the science of emotions because the only matter in our world is the desire, and what is felt in the desire is called sensing, which is felt as the Light that operates and affects the desire. This means that, by measuring the changes in the desire, we measure the Light that operates and affects it.

Question: What comes first, a person’s mind or the desire?

Answer: The desire comes first and the mind follows, and this is how we develop. Where does a child’s mind come from? It is only as a result of the development of the desire.

The greater the desire that a person has, the more he needs a mind in order to acquire all of his desires and control them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/17/16

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