Animals Will Help Us Become Human

294.4Comment: Veterinarians say that animals today have a large number of diseases due to depression. There used to be a tiny textbook of 50 pages about pet diseases and now they fill 500 pages.

I read in a Russian veterinary textbook: “Animals that have a sufficiently high intellect (dogs, cats) are moping.” As if they are talking about a person: “If it is gloomy and cold outside the window and the house is the same, they are moping. If the owner is in a hurry to walk them, and it is a compulsory program for him, and there is no joy in it, the animals are moping. When the owner himself is in a bad mood, irritable, the animal feels lonely.”

It seems that they are not talking about animals but about a person.

My Response: Of course, they have a soul.

Question: They say that we are giving them everything. That is, they are victims of all our experiences, hatred, and what is happening in the world.

Answer: Animals feel a lot. A lot! Much more than a human being. Man can forget, he can be distracted, he has such systems. But animals do not. They directly feel what the owner has. And so it lies down next to you, puts its muzzle on your leg, and looks into your eyes, and that is it, there is nothing else for him. You are its god. This is creepy! We do not understand it, we do not sympathize, and we neglect it.

Question: Because we do not really feel like we have a master?

Answer: Yes. We do not have such an example.

Question: What can this teach us? Can we feel responsible?

Answer: In the end, we all influence each other. Still, vegetative, animate, and human nature are related. So even their suffering is connected to ours, and we still feel it at our level. So there are many diseases and many problems that we could treat if we paid attention to animals. That is, through animals to heal people, at this level, we could not allow these depressions and all these problems to spread further. But we cannot appreciate it and accept it. In our hearts, we do not understand cats or dogs.

Question: Can we say that animals actually appeared to cure us of all these conditions?

Answer: We must accept the animals that live next to us as a part of ourselves and begin to realize that we can heal and correct ourselves through them.

Question: So you generally humanize them?

Answer: No, I just understand the interaction of animals with humans, how much an animal empathizes and how much it complements man and passes human experiences and corrections through itself.

Question: What do you mean by corrections?

Answer: I mean that if a person pays more attention to the animal that is next to him, he will correct himself through the animal. Why not? At the same time, you give him your part: a little from your heart, a little from your soul.

Question: And after that, if I live like this, I begin slowly to treat others like that?

Answer: Of course. And not necessarily others. Through it, through this dog or cat, or whatever you have. You give out your good attitude to the world by doing this! This is already your correction. Look how they expect this from you, demand it. They have no ulterior thoughts; they are still at the animal level.

I think that animals, if we treat them correctly, can help us become human.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/2/21

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