Jerusalem—The Heart Of The World

426Question: There is a holiday called Jerusalem Day. After the Six-Day War, Jerusalem became whole and this day was designated as a holiday.

What does Jerusalem mean in a high sense and Jerusalem Day in a spiritual sense?

Answer: Jerusalem Day is a day when the people, land, and state will find their central point of existence. Jerusalem—”Ir Shalem” (whole city), when people will feel that they have one heart, one thought, and one desire toward one goal.

Question: What is the goal of these united people?

Answer: To reveal the goal of the existence of the whole world to the whole world.

This goal is to bring people closer to each other so that there is no difference between them. This is a very lofty goal that should bring everyone to complete unification.

Then there will have to be one nation in the whole world covering the entire Earth. In this unity, it will begin to attain the upper force, the Creator, and will discover in this the reason, the goal of its existence, the existence of humanity!

Question: Then, will Jerusalem become the capital of the world?

Answer: Yes, and it will be Yerushalayim, Ir-Shlema, a whole world, a whole power, a whole heart, whole desire, whole city, and so on.

Question: When they say: “Jerusalem is a white city,” what do they mean?

Answer: White means that all must be built on bestowal and love—the color of light.

Remark: That is when they say, for example: “Paris,” you take it as it is, “New York,” you understand that it is like Babylon, there are many different nations and so on. When you say “Jerusalem” even to outsiders, will they still have something inside?

Answer: Yes, because in each one of all the people living on Earth, there is a point that has not yet awakened, called Jerusalem, and it is in each of us, in every person on Earth.

Question: People of different religions live in this city. Does this mean that the world will be like this city?

Answer: No, the world will be united. There will be one religion. It will be a religion of the attainment of the single upper force, which in exactly this manner will unite all the nations into one nation.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/10/21

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