Material Events And Spiritual Roots

937Comment: The great Kabbalist ARI wrote that in the future all holidays will be canceled except for Purim.

My Response: All holidays speak of intermediate spiritual states on the path of correction from pure egoism to complete altruism, full of love, and therefore the last state will not be canceled. This is Purim.

Question: How did people write the “Scroll of Esther”?

Answer: They were in this state spiritually.

Comment: But the scroll is written like a children’s story.

My Response: It only seems to us that way.

Question: It is clear that there is some depth but if you look at it with simple eyes, it says that the feast lasted a hundred and eighty days. How can this be?

Answer: Why not? They did not sit at the table all day. The leaders of all subordinate states gathered, discussed together, studied something, watched dances, went hunting, and dined. This is all called a feast.

Behind all this, there are spiritual states, that is why they described it.

Question: Did they take the events of our world as a basis?

Answer: Yes. The fact is that any event in our world has its root in the spiritual world. Thus, when describing special events, they pointed to their roots. They still do today.Therefore, we know that this is how it happened, and this is how it should be.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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