In The Name Of Connection

959Question: It is said that all wars for connection are fought for us by the Creator, the upper force of nature. How does it work?

Answer: Indeed, we have no strength. There is only the desire for this to happen. To the extent that we want to rise above our egoistic nature and connect with each other, we awaken the upper force of nature, which performs these actions and connects the opposing forces into one positive force. This is how it works.

Comment: Wars stimulate technological progress, but they do not contribute to the internal development of people.

My Response: They extend the time for our advancement. Progress only delays us at the corporeal level and does not allow us to rise to the spiritual level.

Question: What is “holy war”?

Answer: The holy war is a war in the name of connection, for the sake of the triumph of love between people.

Question: Should a Kabbalist justify world wars?

Answer: One cannot justify a war itself, but its purpose if it is necessary and comes from within nature, then yes.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/14/21

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