Enjoying Not For My Own Sake

533.01Question: Suppose I understand that the Creator is putting me through different trials. This is felt as pleasure in the group, which means that I see that I had to undergo the trial in order to feel the power of the connection between us.

Do I simply enjoy this afterward or can I do something else for the sake of the society, for the sake of our correction?

Answer: I have never learned in the wisdom of Kabbalah about a state in which I enjoy for my own sake and by that bring the society pleasure. There is no such thing.

Do you want to positively bestow unto the society this way so that it will also connect to the Creator and enjoy Him? If this is what you think and if this is the only thought that manages you and not your personal feelings, you are on the right track.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/17/19

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