How Can We Make Life Easier—Seven Recommendations

563Comment: Seven recommendations have been given for a person to make their life easier. One is: “The ability to wait is the best thing that you can teach a person.”

My Response: If it is not spiritual work, then yes; but if it is spiritual work, then no. We must advance non-stop along the spiritual path.

Comment: “The first step is only the beginning,” which means that having made this step, you are already halfway to victory.

My Response: The first step is not halfway to victory, but it is still a start. If it is the beginning of a victory, it will be possible to see it later on.

Question: Is it a sign that you are advancing if it is difficult?

Answer: I don’t think that difficulty is a sign of advancing correctly. No.

The sign of correct advancement is that we know how to connect all problems, information, data, and the contrasts to one unique whole to our root toward which we are moving, and where we all complement each other and connect perfectly into one unique whole picture.

Comment: “Break off the chains that bind your thoughts and then break off the chains that bind your body.” Sometimes we are stuck in the same place because our thoughts don’t allow us to advance and we need to get rid of negative thoughts that stop us and invoke fear.

My Response: We move by both negative and positive thoughts. It is like a wheel, part of which moves forward while the other part moves backward.

Comment: “Tranquility is the key to success.” When we are calm, we can do much more than when we are upset.

My Response: No. All of the wisdom of Kabbalah is built on contradictions, on a combination of contradictions. We need to be calm in full infinite motion and not any other way. We cannot be calm and succumb to fate and the flow of life wherever it carries us.

Those are methods of the East and they do not include the left line. So, I cannot compare them to the wisdom of Kabbalah and interpret them in any way.

Comment: “Condemnation is darkness for a person.” We should never humiliate or insult one’s personality. The only thing we can do is to condemn someone for his actions but not the person himself.

My Response: We should not condemn anyone, no one at all. You should correct yourself, and by correcting yourself, you correct the world in a way that there will no longer be anyone who will condemn you.

Comment: “Believing that you are right is a limitation.”

My Response: You can believe that you are right only when what you do is strengthened by the upper reason, by the masses, and not by you. When you follow the masses and reveal the Creator in the connection between you, you find the truth. But the truth cannot be according to the way of an individual.

In order to find your way in life you must have nine other friends so that in a ten you will be able to create a mini system, a mini-society in which, like in a lab, you will be able to plan in absolute accuracy all of nature, all of humanity, all the worlds between you.

You will create a kind of a magic ball of your ten desires and intentions, and in it you will be able to see all the universes, all the worlds, everything there is in them, and the Creator, and then by working on this model you will clearly understand who you are, where and how you are advancing.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/24/19

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