The Empty American Dream

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Workers World): “As of the last count by the Census Bureau, there are almost 19 million EMPTY housing units in the United States.

“Many are brand new but have no buyers; people can’t afford them. Others have been lived in for years, but now lie empty after their occupants were chased out and their belongings dumped on the street by foreclosure enforcers.

“Allowing an average of only three people per housing unit, the statistic above means that at least 57 million people in the U.S. who are now homeless, in shelters, doubled or tripled up with relatives or friends, or living in trailers, campers or other vehicles, could have a real home to live in.”

My Comment: This will only grow more and more until humanity decides that it is necessary to change its attitude to the world from reception to bestowal, from egoism to participation, unity, love.

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  1. how can I get more involved . I also want my young kids to start learning. I really feel like a center or a group would be grreat in my town

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