Strength And Weakness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: After the leap that takes place in the groups, there is some confusion felt. It’s like when a person has won the world championship and now needs to prepare for the Olympic games.

Answer: A person experiences some descent, a lack of motivation. He doesn’t clearly see the goal; he doesn’t have the same pressure with which he worked earlier. Suddenly, all this disappeared.

Question: How can I hold this goal?

Answer: This is what mutual guarantee, Arvut, is! This is why the group is needed—to hold everyone! No one can resist this fall and no one can climb out of it.

The group must provide ascent for all together. After all, you have strength to support others, but you have no strength to support yourself; the group must do this.

Question: Where did people find strength to study Kabbalah and to organize a learning center?

Answer: They didn’t work towards unity. They worked in Kabbalah egoistically. It wasn’t Kabbalah, but merely knowledge. They studied articles, The Study of the Ten Sefirot and other materials.

When you are facing the need to unite, you develop a weakness; you start feeling that this is against you, you don’t want this. But before that, there was no weakness.

The desire to know more, to sort through a couple more articles, a couple more quotations and the like, all that is fine, and you feel more confident. Thus, in principle, people don’t advance, but accumulate knowledge.

Today, we have already accumulated knowledge; we have done everything, we have carried out preparation simultaneously in the world—what remains is just unity!
From “General Questions” 5/25/12

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  1. There’s no other way , only advance, the tunnel has collapsed behind us, we know what we had there, we need to push forward to discover what’s on the other side, what is that Force that’s pulling as. But what is most precious is the fact that i’m not alone in that dark tunnel, my FRIENDS are with me and the LIGHT is our GUIDE!!!!!!

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