Leave Me Alone, I Am Not An Orator!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should a person, who is not a natural orator, do if he is unable to be in front of people, to speak and explain things?

Answer: He needs to be paired up with a strong person, to see the way he works, to envy him. Envy is a very powerful driver.

This is why it is absolutely necessary to take him along so that he would see, get inspired, passionate, and jealous that the other one can do it and he cannot. This will advance him. Maybe he will not turn into a lecturer, but he will be able to prepare materials, organize round tables, and take part in the common discussion, instead of spending an hour standing in front of an audience.

There are people who just are not capable of doing it. There are people who simply read lectures written ahead of time, or conduct a lecture according to a thesis. And there are people like me. If there is something written in front of me, I am unable to say anything. This is a known fact.
From “General Questions” 05/25/12

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