Earn the Spiritual World

962.3Question: Did you have a choice to follow the spiritual path or not?

Answer: There is no choice. This is destiny, and that is it.

Question: How can one distinguish whether a person is going through a state of burdening or if he already is at the exit? Is it written in the system?

Answer: In either case we must accept a person as if he is really ready for everything and is moving forward; what is happening is happening. We see how egoism works for many. They understand how difficult it is to apply egoism in our society, there is no fulfillment for it here, and they leave.

Question: So, a person has no choice, he will leave anyway?

Answer: It depends on how much he bows his head in front of the group. Only that. He must do this.

The most important thing is to continue: “I’m not going anywhere, I am staying in this place, only here I exist.” That is it! That is what should be decisive: do whatever you want except for leave. Do whatever you want with me, just do not throw me out.

Comment: But you said that it is easier for many people to leave than to stay and suffer.

My Response: It is their business! If you want to earn the spiritual world, then you have to work for it. When students properly put themselves in contact with me, the group, the study, and dissemination, then this work goes relatively easily.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Protect Yourself?” 6/25/13

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