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Will There Be Peace and Love on Our Planet?

715Question from Facebook: Is a state where all people gradually come to the one Creator and peace and love prevail on our planet, a kind of utopian, idyllic world possible in our world? Or is it impossible?

Answer: Of course it is possible. I am sure it can even happen in our time. Everything depends on us because the situation is ripe.

Our generation is called the last generation in Kabbalistic sources because it has already matured enough to realize its correct state and understand that we will never be able to achieve anything good with our egoism; we see that our children will be even more unhappy than we are. We see this in what is happening in the world.

The only thing we need to do is to discover what happiness and the real purpose of development of humanity depends on and go toward it. Kabbalah explains this. Let us start implementing it.
From KabTV’s “Answers to Questions from Facebook”

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Internal Perception of Each Other

294.1In spiritual work, the main thing is an inner feeling. Gradually, everything is transforming. Physical meetings are becoming less frequent and virtual meetings are becoming more frequent so that people feel each other more through big screens.

A person may still need some kind of visual representation, but in general, he will move to virtual perception and through virtual to spiritual.

Spiritual perception is no longer connected with the body; whether you live or die, are far away or close, in the same or in different worlds, depends only on whether the attaining person who is in contact with you covers these areas or not.

If he feels you only through the body, then his adapter includes only five corporeal sensory organs. If you are in the sphere of his “radar,” then he catches you, and if you are outside of his five senses, then he does not catch you.

But for a person who acquires spiritual senses, this problem does not exist. It does not matter to him whether you are here or already without a body in another world because he is always focused on the essence of this object, and the essence is eternal, it does not die.

I hope we will come to such a state where we begin to feel that our friends all over the world simply exist together with us. They either live far away or have already disposed of their outer shell and are only in the spiritual state; it will not matter at all!

Like people who live with each other for a long time and in general no longer see the exterior of a person, for them he is a kind of an inner image. It is the same here. I am sure this will happen.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Very Important Congress“ 4/21/13

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Hormonal and Spiritual Love

527.02Spiritual love is felt as an ascent above oneself and an exit into infinite space where there are no restrictions, where you cease to feel yourself because you live in others, and the Creator fills you. That is, you, others, and the Creator are together in one single whole without movement, space, boundaries, and time. All restrictions called “our world” disappear completely.

Comment: But we do not just love. In the corporeal world we have an object in relation to which the whole process takes place.

My Response: What is the difference? There is a person with whom I can reach such a mutual relationship. He helps me and I help him rise above our egoism, become integrated in each other, and start this work.

To do this, I need a so-called “contactor,” a fellow traveler, interlocutor, friend, brother. I need him so that we create a common field between us in which the Creator will be revealed.

This filling of our mutual properties by the Creator and mutual concessions, when He fills the area where we annulled our egoism in order to integrate into each other, is called love. This area itself is called the vessel of love, and what fills it is called the feeling of love.

Everything else is animalistic, hormonal attraction. What kind of love is this?

Question: Why do we consider hormonal attraction to be love?

Answer: Because we call love that which egoism loves. That is all. Our world is completely opposite to the spiritual one.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, Hormonal Love” 5/1/13

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Rise Above Speaking Critically

547.01Question: What is the danger of speaking critically in the Kabbalistic community?

Answer: First, different critical thoughts arise from within each person. This is natural because our egoism is constantly working, constantly growing, and constantly arousing a critical attitude in us toward the world, except for those who are truly close to us.

Relationships in a group require constant spiritual elevation; therefore, our egoism works at full capacity there. It is not surprising that egoism is constantly aroused in each of us. Let it get excited, as it should be. This is a sign of growth, but it is about what we do with it.

I must constantly tune my egoism to the opposite; that is, I must work in such a way so that without destroying it and above it, I can build the property of bestowal and love in relation to my friends in the group. I must show them the same thing and set an example to everyone. And they should act in the same way regarding me and everyone else.

As a matter of fact, it is a game above our egoism and contrary to it. From this game, we gradually arouse the surrounding light, which in this case affects us, raises us, and actually creates a common property of bestowal in us in which we will then feel the Creator—the upper, governing force of the world.

If instead of this, I tell my friends about the critical attitude that I see in others—not about that I should demonstrate love and affection for them, but about my neglect, that is, my reason from my own egoism—then by doing this I simply spread a harmful infection between group members. This is absolutely unacceptable! This is the worst thing that kills our spiritual advancement.

Among men this is not such a terrible thing because they initially do not have such a movement from within as women do. And if they want to be with us in a group, in motion, it must be uprooted, weeded, and nipped in the bud. That is why I am so harsh about gossip and speaking critically. There should be no place for this among us.

You can be critical of someone who did something wrong in dissemination, professionally speaking, but not of the relations between us. In no case can you criticize a friend.

In addition, you do not even understand that you are talking about yourself and not about others; that is, you are reasoning from your ego.

Speaking critically is the most terrible thing that can be in a Kabbalistic group, and we must fight against it with all our might because it is a poison that kills any of our advancement. That is why I am so intolerant of criticism from friends, and if such things happen, we must actively fight against them. And if someone is not able, then these people should simply be removed from the group.

I should not speak out about the fact that I do not like some character traits of a friend. This should never happen. I have to rise above this.

Just like in my beloved child, I practically do not see any negative qualities, and even if I see them, they overlap with love. I still love him and I do not tell anyone what is bad in him. This is a clear example of how we should treat all of our friends like my beloved little child. We should treat them like that.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Beware of Gossip!” 3/19/13

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