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Gradual Restriction Of Light

294.2Remark: In The Study of the Ten Sefirot Baal HaSulam explains that the light gradually restricted itself and receded in four stages until creation was in a place where there is no light at all and there is only a desire to receive.

My Comment: Detachment from the Creator means a gradual cessation of the feeling of goodness, eternity, and perfection.

Creation is moving away from the Creator by gradually reducing His impact on it. To this extent, it becomes more and more egoistic, detached from the Creator, and changes its qualities since the Creator has less and less influence on it.

Therefore, the creation is detached to such an extent that the Creator becomes practically not felt, not defined, and imperceptible. And it turns out that there is no connection between it and the Creator.

But here we must say that this is felt only in relation to creation. And the Creator continues to influence him as He wishes.
From KabTV’s “The Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES)” 9/4/22

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Above the Earthly Mind

610.2There is no perception or thought in Ein Sof whatsoever, since this matter is above our mind (The Study of the Ten Sefirot, Part 1, Chapter 1).

We cannot attain the Creator with our earthly mind. Therefore, the entire wisdom of Kabbalah is based on the methodology according to which a person changes his mind, his qualities, and his nature from reception to bestowal. To the extent that one acquires the quality of bestowal, one can feel the Creator in it.
From KabTV’s “The Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES)” 9/4/22

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Is This Our Fate?

961.2Question: We are, in principle, aware that nature is harmonious. Even at school, we study all kinds of food chains and we see how one is connected to the other. The science of bionics was based on this where I look and seemingly copy what I see in nature.

For example, helicopters were probably created because dragonflies were seen. They saw birds and planes were created; they saw beetles and cars were created.

Why does it all come down to cars turning into tanks and all our scientific achievements, one way or another, go toward armament?

Answer: Because in order to take examples from nature and create them, we need naturalists and scientists who are interested to recreate what is in nature into mechanics.

But then other people come who do not care about nature, and they want to use these mechanics in order to conquer, control, and enforce. And this is the end of all good intentions.

Question: We take something positive from nature, build out of it what is necessary for our life, but all this, one way or another, is then taken away by bad uncles and made into weapons of war. Why?

Answer: Because that is our nature.

Question: Why are we giving it to them? Why do we agree?

Answer: Because they know how to cheat. They are in power, they have an army, strength, and money, they have everything. And such people that are naive and kind who just want to understand how the world works, they have nothing but their brains and weak hands.

Question: Is this the fate of our world? Fate is such that everything, one way or another, will go there?

Answer: Yes. Until we correct human nature.

Question: We started with the fact that nature is harmonious and everyone understands this. Why don’t we draw from the harmony of nature? We copy what it created and create something for ourselves. And why doesn’t something from that harmony enter into us from the basis of nature that is harmonious?

Answer: We cannot keep this harmony. We are not able to detect it, see it, and study it. We cannot imitate it.

Question: Because we are the opposite of it?

Answer: Yes.

Remark: But we get knowledge about it.

Answer: So what if I know that this is how nature works; I cannot abide by it.

Question: And how do we make this into the main thing? First take the harmony of nature, then all the technical inventions.

Answer: And for what? Why should I take some of the laws of nature and its opportunities in order to give to others, in order to spread good? Why do I need this?

Remark: I need to command and rule.

My Response: Oh! To do this, I will study everything, and my egoism will push me and give me all the opportunities.

Question: So this is our nature?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Then why do you always appeal to another nature?

Answer: I want to change a person!

Question: How? After all, that is our nature.

Answer: No, it is possible to change. And then we will really do everything according to nature—the kind, upper nature.

Question: Then we will go to this kind upper nature before we create something?

Answer: Of course. We will first correct ourselves, and only then we will take something from nature and imitate—truly imitate it.

Question: So it is not fantasy to turn your nature around and make it similar to nature?

Answer: Without it, we will not survive, and we will still be obliged to change ourselves.

Comment: You keep saying: “The world has become interconnected.” One way or another, everyone sees it.

My Response: This is to show us that we have nowhere to go.

Question: And this will happen more and more?

Answer: Yes! And you are not getting away! We will see that no wars, no skirmishes, no crimes of man to man will simply be possible to do.

At the same time, you will appear as an enemy of all mankind. You will not be forgiven anything. The world will shrink so much and you will understand that you are hurting everyone, that you will not give yourself this chance. And gradually, gradually, the good forces of nature will change humanity.

We will go through a stage where we will be afraid to break good relationships. This is the first stage.

Question: So, the first stage is the fear from breaking this connection between us?

Answer: Yes, the restriction, this is how it is called in Kabbalah. Restriction of egoism.

Comment: But it is just because of egoism that I am afraid, because of my nature I am afraid.

Answer: Yes, but there is no other way out; I have to restrict it or I will be beaten.

Question: So I cannot join the war because I will be beaten, restricted, I will starve, and so on?

Answer: Of course! It is based on all kinds of negative attitudes toward me. Only in this way!

Question: So, if you are fighting, you are being obstructed. Is that why you stop fighting?

Answer: Yes.

Remark: But you will feel defeated. It is scary.

Answer: No, it does not matter. That is how you will learn.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/18/22

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The Time Will Come…

281.02Question: In our world, we produce some products, for example, phones or appliances, and everyone use them. Why do we not have the same attitude to Kabbalah that it is the “production” of some kind of force and we are using it? Will there be any inclination toward Kabbalah?

Answer: There will undoubtedly be an inclination but only when everyone understands that Kabbalah is talking about earthly, normal things, and not about mysticism. It also took me a long time until I was able to adapt everything to simple, earthly things.

But people always want to go to a different area and “swim” there since it is very difficult to apply Kabbalistic principles on earth because you have to work on yourself. It is better to “fly away” somewhere to the field of fortune-telling, predictions, and so on.

The time will come when Kabbalah will rebuild its language. This will be integral education. Thus, we will offer this system to the world, and it will accept it and become better and safer. Otherwise, it will not get out of the crisis. This is why we have to work on this.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Conduits of Spiritual Information” 5/18/13

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The Zohar Is for those Striving for the Light

65The Book of Zohar was written for people who want to reach the purpose of creation and strive for the reflected light to the purpose of creation, to the source.

After all, without the light it is impossible to correct our desires and reveal the Creator in them.

Therefore, The Book of Zohar, like the entire Torah, can be either the elixir of life or the potion of death.

A person should check with what intention he begins to study The Book of Zohar and the Torah in general.

If he wants to reach the light that returns to the source with the help of study, the Torah becomes for him the elixir of life, as it is said: “I created the evil inclination and I gave the Torah for its correction because the Light in it returns to the source”

If a person does not strive to be in bestowal, that is, to return to the source, but studies The Zohar driven by his will to enjoy, to be filled, and sets other goals for himself, which is called idolatry, then his study turns into the potion of death and distances a person from the purpose of creation.

Therefore, we must be careful and remember that during all our studies and especially the reading of The Zohar, we prepare our desires so that the Creator will give them the force to bestow and then be revealed in these forces of bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/27/10, The Book of Zohar “VaIkra”

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You Get What You Ask For

243.07Elokim [God] in the Bible. “In the beginning God created” is the Bina that emanates to the Nukva de ZA. He elicited thirteen words: THE, HEAVEN, AND-THE, EARTH, AND-THE EARTH, WAS, EMPTY, AND-CHAOTIC, AND-THE-DARKNESS, OVER, THE-FACE, OF-THE-ABYSS, AND-THE-SPIRIT…

These thirteen words imply to the same thirteen petals of the rose among the thorns, the sea that stands over the twelve oxen, which are preparation and qualification for the Assembly of Israel to receive the thirteen qualities of Rachamim (Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Zohar for All, Vol. 1, “The Rose“, Item 1).

There are upper systems that filter and restrict the light so the lower ones can receive it. Similarly, Malchut tries to ensure that only the lights that can be received for the benefit of the lower descend from the first nine Sefirot above it.

How does Malchut know exactly what it can receive for the benefit of the lower? Everything is determined by the need of the lower, the desire they raise to it. Therefore, according to the awakening from below (Itaruta de Letata), that is, a prayer (MAN) on our part, an answer (MAD) comes to us from above.

Therefore, a person cannot complain that he does not receive. If he doesn’t ask, he doesn’t receive. If he asks, he will receive. But the request must be such that it raises the right desire, a spiritual vesselKli. Then there will be no problems and of course, you will get light into it. The request itself, in essence, is a vessel. If it is correct, the light comes.

The right request means that you feel a genuine need, a desire, for something. In essence, you always get what you ask for. So if you say the Creator causes you suffering, you asked for it. And if you claim He brings you goodness, you asked for it. You always receive according to your request.

If so, how can it be that we are asking for something bad?! Yes, we are asking for bad things. If I want to receive fulfillment in my desire to enjoy, then receive it I shall! And why do I feel bad? This already depends on the whole system. But effectively, you got what you asked for.

We do not understand how unimpeachably the Good That Does Good works; “Please, receive!” is how parents raise their children: “Do you want this? Go ahead!” And then what? “Oh, no!” “But this is what you wanted.”

This is how the Creator acts toward us also.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/8/11, The Book of Zohar — Introduction, “The Rose”

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