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When Internal Values P​revail

437Comment: It seems to us that in ancient times people were primitive. But you said that they were clearly aware of the connection between them.

My Response: In what way were they primitive? Twenty generations of Jews before and after Adam, ten before Noah, and ten from Noah to Abraham were not primitive. They were attaining the upper world in the connection between them. They realized that this was their destiny, and this was why they existed in this world.

Therefore, they did not do anything needless, and they did not create any great monuments, palaces, or deity-statues. They did not build anything! They did not need it. They were doing internal work. Everyone had a place to stay, bread, water, meat, and milk, everything they needed, and that was enough for them.

Look at the ancient civilization that lived here in Israel. What did they leave behind?

Nothing. Of course, there were cities and settlements, but very simple ones.

And the Temple! What was in this Temple? Nothing special. Two hundred by two hundred meters, or even less.

Everything was so simple because it was aimed at internal spiritual development. And when people went into exile from here to all countries of the world, they lost practically nothing; they took a book with them and left. They lived by completely different values.

And what did Greeks and Romans do? When I first came to Washington, I took a look: “This is Rome—one and the same!. Buildings and columns, this is all ancient Greece.” It is the same in Berlin. The thousand-year-old Reich is the heir of Rome. And in Russia they also built something similar.

And here there is nothing of the kind. Where is anything built here? Or where can you get something from ancient history that you would like to restore? There is nothing. One needs to just build ordinary buildings, live there, and that’s it. Everything else is inside.

Even modern new buildings, no one cares what type they should be. There is no architecture, no special music, no literature in the cultural sense, and so on. There is nothing, and there is no need for any of this! All that is needed is a normal living environment in order to provide clothes, shoes, and food that are necessary for the existence of the body. Everything else is just spirit.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Ancient People and Cultures of the Past” 3/8/13

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According to the Old Pattern

547.05Comment: You once said that the world should be afraid not so much of catastrophes and environmental pollution as of unemployment that as soon as the world will be flooded with unemployed people, there will be chaos and a catastrophe worse than an external catastrophe.

My Response: The fact is that the countries will be obliged to support the unemployed. Maybe this will not be a big problem, although of course, it is still a big load. Society is not adapted to the redistribution of goods and satisfying the needy somehow. Everything works according to the old pattern, money, social benefits.

The problem is not that the unemployed are people who have nothing to live on. These are people who feel unnecessary to anyone and they must fill the feeling of emptiness, worthlessness, and insignificance within themselves. They have very bad problems.

A person is created for being able to participate in some kind of work. We see that animals are constantly in search of food, in some kind of communication with each other, in some kind of clarification, in moving from place to place. They are always in internal and external motion. Even if there are fights between them, they do not harm each other purposefully. All this is necessary and embedded in the life cycle of all living things.

A person who leaves work, kind of dies. How long can I sit on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites? There are such programs on television today that there is nothing to watch at all. That is, people degrade so much so that absolutely everything human disappears in them. They are not interested in any growth.

Why go to school? I learned to read and write a little, and even not to write with a pen but to type on the computer and that is it.

What else do I need? I can only send “ha-ha” and “ho-ho” in this correspondence, and that is enough. I watch TV shows, and that is enough. What school? What for?

Once upon a time, school was designed to prepare a person to become a worker, and if you continue your studies at the university, then you become a civil servant or an employee, and so on. But why bother now? That is, school is dying. The whole culture is dying. It closes in on this television, which in turn, drops, as they say, “below the baseboard.” People are in such a state. What will happen to them next?

We could leave it all to chance, but nature has its own laws, its own plans, and its own goal. Therefore, it is very difficult to just ride the waves. It will shake us all the time. Wars, riots, and wild things will happen in the world.

No government will be able to cope with this because in each country 90% of the people will be unemployed. What are you going to do with them?

The only thing that remains is the path of integral upbringing and education, for everyone, from young to old. Only this can raise a person to the next level, and then you will be in unison with nature, you will not have contradictions. You will definitely find good signs in this movement.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. If You Lost Your Job” 3/13/14

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The Instructions Attached to a Person

096Comment: We believe that people who lived a thousand years ago or even more were very primitive, and now we are so cool. Actually it is the other way around.

My Response: No, in Europe people were indeed really primitive. Look what was going on there in the Middle Ages, the way they lived, all the lawlessness, dirt, problems, lack of hygiene! Of course, there was wildness.

Who could read and write? Who understood history and geography? Who understood how he lives? Everyone was thinking only about how to survive. A small handful of people were busy burning away their lives, and the rest thought only about how to feed themselves.

Now they are showing us luxurious bedrooms and so on and so forth. Naturally, for the kings there was everything, and for the rest nothing. They slept like dogs on a litter and did not wash because they thought they might get sick from it.

What were they doing? What was the culture? What did they read? What did they talk about? They had none of this. I am not saying this in reproach. There were, of course, educated people, philosophers, theologians, etc. But I am talking about the masses.

The Jews for a long time maintained knowledge and a certain spiritual level. However when they fell from this level 2,000 years ago, they preserved their way of life, although it was purely external and mechanical. Study, education, upbringing, the relationship of husband and wife, children, all this has been preserved.

The book Shulchan Aruch contains the entire set of laws according to which Jews live in this world. It has not changed for 3,000 years. How to give birth, how to educate, how to cook, what is kosher, what is not kosher for eating, how to behave, marry, divorce, wash, etc., everything is specified down to the smallest details. A person is a machine; he needs instructions on how to use himself.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Ancient People and Cultures of the Past” 3/8/13

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The Outer Shell Protecting the Fruit

506.3Question: Is it possible to say that the Klipa (peel) represents obstacles that need to be overcome before acquiring spiritual knowledge?

Answer: Yes, it is not just obstacles. They are specially designed in such a way as to protect the fruit. Therefore, a person who wants to reach the inner filling of the fruit must overcome these external forces that protect the fruit.

He must correct himself in such a way that external forces are not an obstacle to him. That is, the Klipa (outer shell) protects the fruit from a person who is not yet ready to taste it.

The fruit is knowledge. If it opened up before the Klipa surrounded the fruit, it would harm the person. We see that whenever knowledge falls into the hands of people who are morally unprepared for it, they use it to the detriment of themselves and others.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/21/22

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