Clash Of Two Ideologies

Laitman_192Question: According to Kabbalah, what do Rome and Israel represent? There has been a constant confrontation between them throughout history?

Answer: There is a contradiction between the Creator and the created being, meaning between the Creator’s thought, His behavior, His quality of bestowal and love and the nature of the created being, which only wants to receive, to be satisfied, to enjoy, and to be fulfilled in its pride, strength, knowledge, and wealth.

Therefore, the entire essence, the whole philosophy of life, of ancient Israel, the group that emerged from Ancient Babylon and became a nation, was formed on the basis of equality, “love your neighbor as yourself,” and because of this it existed in the feeling of the upper force, in the understanding of its own development and the perspective of the ultimate purpose. All this was absolutely opposite to the barbarians.

The Romans were barbarians in terms of their attitude to life because they believed that life consists of the existence of the body and nothing more. Moreover, this philosophy was planted purposely, clearly, and soberly. It contained a lot from today’s concepts of attitude to life. At one time, the philosophy of the Romans was very popular in Nazi Germany.

The Romans indeed represented the most powerful, proud, and dominating force of egoism, which believed that conquest, suppression, and enslavement are the meaning of the existence of the people.

In Israel, however, the meaning of the existence of the people was completely different. The Romans could not agree with this. Thus, two attitudes to life, two philosophies, two foundations, two ideas, collided and war began between them, a terrible resistance.

There are contacts that are friendlier and less friendly. The Jewish people did not have such a thing that they shut themselves off from others. On the contrary, come and live like us. There was even a special place for other nations in the Temple. Today there is nothing left of this.

We are talking only about the ancient peoples, Jewish and Roman. We are talking only about the Romans, not today’s Italians. It should be noted that these are completely different nations.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Formula of the Creator” 8/7/10

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