The Difference Between The Ego And The Klipa (Advanced)

egoTwo questions I received on the ego and the Klipa:

Question: I am confused. Is the ego and the Klipa separate forces, or are they one?

My Answer: The ego is the desire to feel pleasure or fulfillment. If one does something for the sake of fulfillment, then this desire is called egoistic. But if one does something in order to fulfill another person, then the desire is called altruistic. The Klipa is the desire to be fulfilled with the Creator, to receive from Him instead of giving to Him.

Question: Can the Klipot deceive us by imitating the governance of the Upper Force? Can the Klipot interact with or affect my reality the same way the Upper Force does when It makes the governance obvious?

My Answer: This is exactly what the Klipot do, as they are opposite to the Creator in every way.

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Shamati #39: “And They Sewed Fig-Leaves”

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  1. Thank you for answering my question, Rav! You know why I’m laughing at the timing.


  2. Why would a desire to receive from God be nonegoistic?

  3. What is the meaning of the Hebrew word KLIPA.


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