The Moment Of Truth For The American People

truth1A question I received: Last week Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that as far as he can see, capitalism has gone bankrupt. According to Kabbalah, is his “prophecy” true?

My Answer: He is correct in this regard. Even though Americans find it very difficult to leave the capitalistic economy behind, whether they like it or not they will have to start living by a different type of economics. I can’t say that it will be socialist, because this word was discredited by what happened in Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe. But the word “socialism” is the right word, because in Greek it means, “for the good of the society.”

No matter what, the world’s solution is for all the nations to unite. If Americans were to start acting this way now, their lives would greatly improve. Contracts have to be made on the state level, decreeing that people can keep living in their homes and that debts are put on hold (though not forgiven). It is necessary to provide people with a normal lifestyle, as otherwise the country will fall apart and greater problems will arise.

The American people have a psychological problem because the spirit of capitalism, concern for oneself, and competition with one another are so ingrained in them that they can’t accept these ideas yet. In this way, they are different from the rest of the world, where socialistic tendencies already exist in one form or another. These other societies care for their individuals to a great extent.

Nevertheless, I think the American people will soon realize that their way of life is evil and opposite to nature. I also see that they are starting to recognize the need for a universal, global education, upbringing, and nurturing.

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