The Revelation Of the Creator Is Happening Here And Now

soulPeople are starting to feel that everything is changing day by day, and this leaves them confused. They don’t understand what is happening and aren’t able to manage it. In reality what’s happening is the authentic revelation of the Upper Force to the creatures. We don’t yet recognize that this is the Upper Force. However, we already understand that there is some force now at work in the world and there is nothing we can do about it. We feel that something is happening in the world, but we are unable to explain it or establish contact with it. Yet, we see that something unusual is taking place, and Kabbalah explains that this is the beginning of the revelation of the Creator.

People must now realize that they have no way of attaining control over this state or opposing it. Therefore, we must ascend and discern this force by attaining it through the same principle we have used to discover and learn  the use of other forces of Nature. Why? How is this force different from anything we have previously encountered?

The forces of Nature were previously revealed to individuals, rather than in a mutual, global form. Therefore, the forces revealed were not related to the Mutual Upper Governance. The Upper Force that becomes revealed when all the creatures unite together, had not yet been revealed. Today however, it is being revealed as the global force – the Upper Force that’s being expressed inside all of us. Very soon it will force us to unite so we’ll be able to reveal it in a good way. Otherwise, we’ll sentence ourselves to destruction.

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