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Born Free

423.02Comment: Researchers have been studying the effect of joining the majority for a long time, meaning when you choose what the environment chooses, when you choose what your relatives and friends approve of and what is in fashion, it is like you do not have a particular opinion. Researchers note that it is often the fear of missed opportunities that motivate us to follow the majority. This is a condition that occurs when you start thinking that the grass is greener behind someone else’s fence, someone else’s life is more interesting, and so on. They basically direct everything to the fact that there is a fear of missed opportunities.

My Response: Of course.

Question: Is that why we choose what everyone has chosen?

Answer: I do not know who chooses but mostly, yes. Mostly because it seems that others have it greener, better, and so on.

Question: Can a person break out of this lack of freedom? From the fact that I live like everyone lives as they choose, so I choose the same, can I escape this?

Answer: I think that only if a person works on himself, if he has a different defense system at the same time, he will understand why he is doing this.

And why follow the majority just like that? There is nothing in the majority but a brute animal force that directs me to choose what it chooses.

It just pulls and says: “You will be safe with us, everything will be fine, be like everyone else, you do not need anything more or you will feel bad, and so on.” We can already see how it works.

A person can be free only if he stands above the collective, if he can be free from the collective, and when he decides what to join. Then he either creates a team himself or already joins a known team.

Question: But only when he decides by himself?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: What does he have to weigh for this, for him to join them?

Answer: The goal! His own and the goal of the collective, and choose from that which group to join.

Question: What goal determines whether a person is free or not? For example, you will be told: “He went for this goal.” You say: “This is a free man.” If he has chosen this goal, he is a free man. Is it possible like this?

Answer: If, first of all, he does not fall under the influence of any collective.

Question: What can you do with human nature, which is all under the collective and under the general opinion?

Answer: That is what we see.

Question: So he needs to break out of his nature, in general?

Answer: Yes. These are special people who are born like this, develop, and therefore they are not able to be in any team at all. And then they find their realization.

Question: Can a person be taught this?

Answer: No.

Question: If born not free, he continues not to be free?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: This is generally a verdict.

My Response: This is not a verdict; it is nature that operates like this.

Question: Have you seen such free people in your life?

Answer: Very few. Usually such people choose real lack of freedom. They are looking for a team they could approach, into which they could join and give themselves till the end. Because they understand that it is impossible to exist separately. And therefore, in order to realize yourself, the main thing is to find the right team.

Born free, man takes his freedom and follows the collective. He sacrifices his freedom in order to realize himself correctly. Because the implementation is still in the collective, in the team.

Question: Is this really his heroism? Is it much cooler than if you stay free because you were born free?

Answer: What is the point? It is a lonely existence.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/23/22

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Advice to a Country that Wants to Be Happy

229Question: What is the most important advice you would give to a country that decides to rise from complete disorder, from the state it is in, to become different, to become happy?

Answer: First of all, it is necessary to educate a society to be an interconnected, good society, and everything will go from there! They will be blessed for everything they do.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/14/22

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The Ability to Laugh at Yourself

246Comment: You say that humor is especially inherent in Jews.

My Response: Jewish humor where people laugh at themselves is welcomed in Kabbalah, and therefore, it has penetrated into all Jewish literature, art, and worldview.

To some extent, this is also the case with the British. I have not observed such a feature in other peoples. It is very rare to find small, narrow zones in the culture of peoples where they laugh at themselves.

Most societies do not like it, they like to glorify themselves. All their anecdotes are based on their own praise. It seems to me that this speaks of some of their underdevelopment. They lack a sense of their own real place, and therefore they have to cheer themselves up all the time.

The English have a very particular humor, which does not exclude jokes about themselves. This also happens among some other peoples, but usually it is something specific, very narrow, for example, stinginess, frivolity, or impatience, meaning some distinct personality traits that are ridiculed.

And the Jews have it all over. All the character traits of an ordinary person are exaggerated and presented as common, typical, and ethnic. Moreover, all this is retold, encouraged, and inflated by the Jews themselves.

This suggests that the people are free from the need to showing themselves, they do not have a feeling of inferiority. That is, this is our nature, this is us, this is how I am, and that’s it.

The centuries-old development of the people, in general, gives such grounds. Whatever we do, the phenomenon itself exists. Therefore, I can make fun of everything, including my most terrible states.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, Humor and Jews” 5/22/13

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The Correct Way of Making Efforts

528.01Question: How can one determine if he is making correct efforts?

Answer: Do what is good for the group. This is the only correct way to check. However, there is no indication inside of you. It is only for the benefit of the group. Then you are able to know clearly (if you are capable to determine at all) that you are performing a deed of bestowal. There is nothing else. Your personal feelings don’t matter.

Question: You often say, for example: “Try to feel The Book of Zohar.” You say: “Try to feel.” Here you are not talking about doing something good for the group, right?

Answer: You have to feel not yourself, but you have to feel within the group what The Book of Zohar is talking about, precisely in the group. A person cannot feel it by himself.

Question: Does the person have to associate himself with this group, to have some connection with it, some contact?

Answer: Obviously. I am speaking to the people who are members of the group. A person has to feel that he together with everyone is a single unified whole. All hearts, as if naked, connect in one big mega-heart. This is how one should imagine it. Then in this common heart, the Creator is sensed.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call,  Proper Application of Effort,“ 4/20/13

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