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“The System of the Golden Question” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “The System of the Golden Question

My friend and student Semion asked me about something called “the system of the golden question.” He told me that in 1994, Jeff Bezos, founder and executive chairman of Amazon, had decided to leave the hedge fund where he was vice president and start an online bookstore. His boss asked him to reconsider his resignation and gave him 48 hours to think it over, and that he would give him a raise if he chose to stay. During those 48 hours, Bezos did a lot of thinking. He imagined being 80 years old and regretting not going through with his decision. He also realized that if he did not succeed, he would not regret it. So he decided to go through with his resignation and establish the online bookstore that eventually became Amazon.

This series of questions, Semion said, is called “the system of the golden question.” Essentially, it incorporates five questions, which are actually one: How will I feel about my decision tomorrow, in a week, in a month, in five years, and in 20 years?

Questions are very important. When facing crossroads in life, it is important to ask the right question. In my opinion, at such moments, the question to ask is “With what outcome do I want at the end of my life?” or “What kind of conclusion do I want to come to in the end?”

This is not a simple situation. If you feel that you are going to miss out if you do not make a leap into the unknown now, then you should follow it because otherwise, you might spend the rest of your life regretting that you did not choose to go for it. On the other hand, if your leap does not succeed, what will be the price of failure?

Therefore, we must not take such decisions lightly and we cannot upend our lives every other day. However, once or twice in life, we need to make radical changes. If we avoid making any decisions and remain hesitant, we will achieve nothing and always regret it.

Like everyone else, I had my own critical moments in life, which required radical decisions. One such decision was to leave the Soviet Union and move to Israel. Another, even more radical decision, was to give away a business that was making millions for literally nothing, and stick to my teacher RABASH. I never regretted either decision, not even for a minute.

I had a goal in life, there was a real opportunity to achieve it, and I would give up anything for it. It paid off. I now have what I really wanted in life, and I do not need gold, money, cars, or anything else.

For me, the way to handle the turning points in life was not to look back, but to look ahead, at the last day of my life, and ask myself: What will be the conclusion of my life, the bottom line of it?

I had to know that whether or not I succeeded, and even if I made mistakes, I put in the effort. This is what counts—that I made the effort, that I tried my best to make it happen.

Life has a purpose; we need to be ready for it, and when the opportunity to realize it comes, we must be ready to leap into the unknown.

What Is Life and Death?

712.03 Is there life after death and can it really be called life? This is a question that worries many. I would put the question in a different way: Can we call our reality in which we are now life, exactly? It is written that it is not called life.

How do we know that we live? We are in some kind of a dream, and we dream that we live, spin, drive, fly, that is, we perform many actions. In fact, the so–called “life” is just a form of existence of protein matter. It all depends on what is considered life.

Our existence is very limited and primitive. We are constantly suffering from limitations and changes and are dissatisfied with such a life that does not bring us joy. Is this life or not? Until we know what real life is, we cannot answer this question.

So, what is death? Is it only when I stop breathing or when the biological processes in my body stop? It is unlikely that life is limited to just that.

Modern science reveals other forms of life in other parts of the universe. It turns out that this is also life. And if we descend far into the depths of the ocean, a dozen kilometers, we will find life there too. Some unusual life forms have been found on the moon.

Therefore, it is a big question: What is life and what is death? If we are talking only about the protein form, which is the basis of our body, then we are limited by the fact that life is a form of existence of protein matter. It turns out that if there is no protein, there is no life. Thus, we very much limit ourselves.

The science of Kabbalah defines life not as a form of existence of protein matter, but as a person existing in the quality of bestowal. This means that he comes out of his egoism and exists outside of himself.

And death is separation from existing in one’s desire to enjoy, in egoism. When an egoist ceases to receive egoistic fulfillment, it is death for him.

But in the spiritual worlds, at all levels, it is not the force of reception that acts like in our world, but the force of bestowal. Attaining this force of bestowal is called spiritual life and attaining the force of reception is called material life.

We live with the force of reception that we are born with. However, we have the opportunity to move from the force of reception to the force of bestowal. Therefore, we have been given the science of Kabbalah, which explains how to gain the second force, the force of bestowal, and live in it. Then we will be able to understand the cycles of souls because we will be able to change ourselves, transfer from one state to another by the force of bestowal, and thus approach the upper, true reality.
From KabTV’s “World” 9/1/22

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Who Gave Authority to the Jews

294.2Comment: Ar (this is how he abbreviates his name) writes to you : “I constantly listen to your videos. Tell me please, why do you always say that only Jews will change the world? Why take such a big responsibility on yourself and on the nation? Who gave you such authority at all? Do not tell me it is written in the Bible. Answer my question, teacher.”

It looks like he is a beginner student with us and does not understand why only Jews are entrusted with such responsibility.

My Response: It is because the method of correcting the world, which is called “Kabbalah,” is found precisely among the Jews, and it was given to them thousands of years ago.

Comment: But by singling out our people, we are causing a lot of resistance.

My Response: I understand this, but it is better when you understand that this is the truth and that you are hated for it. According to this truth, you must reveal to the world the method of correction, and that is why humanity hates you.

That is, I accept this challenge and say: “Yes, you are right; the problem is with us; we are to blame. But killing me will not make it any easier for you. It’s better to listen and think how we can really use this eternal truth.”

Comment: But it looks like there is not much proof of this.

My Response: There will be a proof if we fulfill what is indicated.

Comment: So you are saying, so far let’s say, it is just words. For many people it is words.

My Response: Of course. But on the other hand they can say: “So this is why we really hate them! It means that we hate them correctly.”

Question: What if a person doesn’t find hatred in himself? Great numbers of people do not find hatred for Jews in themselves. We are kind of incessantly telling them: “You hate Jews! They hate us!” But they do not find it.

Answer: Then come to all of us; we will do it together! Let’s correct the world together.

Comment: In short, it is a vicious circle. There are a large number of comments on your videos all the time. And they are all exactly in the direction of the chosen people: “What are you saying about yourself? Who gave you the right? Why are you so sure about this?”

My Response: They say it themselves! After all, all of humanity still has some special opinions, attitudes, suspicions, demands, and so on regarding the Jews. I just want to show this matter normally and reveal what the problem is. This problem is thousands of years old. Enough of somehow obscuring it or refusing it!

Question: What should be the actions of a person who is not a Jew? And who wants to hear you?

Answer: A person just needs to hear what I am saying.

Question: Do you assign any specific actions to a Jew?

Answer: Yes. A Jew has to find out why he is special. Then, in accordance with this, to reveal this peculiarity to all the nations of the world. And together with them, with all the nations of the world, to get down to changing humanity, nature, and everything that exists.

Question: From what to what?

Answer: From the absolute egoism of humanity to make the opposite action—a connection. This is exactly the responsibility of the Jews. All the nations of the world need to listen to what the Jews say; maybe they really are saying something sensible. This may be our salvation.

Comment: But only some Jews say this. Most Jews do not say what you say at all.

My Response: They do not know and do not understand, just like the nations of the world, that they have the responsibility to come to connection themselves and bring the world to it.

People will hear it anyway.

Question: What hope do you have? You repeat this all the time.

Answer: My hope is based on the fact that the world will not end just like that and will not enter some other state. In the end, it will force all the nations of the world, including Jews, to think about what the correction of the world is, what we really need to do and what we, and first of all the Jews, need to come to.

This is not easy. But time goes on.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/18/22

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Properties of a Klipa

545Question: What kind of relationship between friends in the group can be called a Klipa?

Answer: In a group, there can practically be no relationships such as Klipa. Klipa is envy, jealousy, rejection, unwillingness to help, i.e., all properties that deny the soulful, spiritual, heartfelt fusion between people.

Question: How does the Klipa work in general? What is its mechanism?

Answer: There are several properties in a person that form a Klipa. In general, these are egoistic properties, but they are divided into certain types. They are envy, jealousy, self-exaltation, deceit, and pride.

Question: That is, everything that separates us?

Answer: Yes. In fact, there are a lot of them, but they all make up one single whole—the egoistic “I” of a person.

Question: Is there a difference between those properties that you have just listed and properties that are revealed to a person who is directly in the revelation of the higher power?

Answer: They operate there too.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/21/22

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Just Agree—And It Will Be Revealed!

530It does not matter from which part and exact place we begin to read The Zohar. Even if a person hears a lesson for the first time, it doesn’t matter at all. “There is no time in the Torah“; it talks about spiritual states and all this happens inside us, but we do not feel it yet.

But it doesn’t matter. It is important for us to awaken the light that is in The Book of Zohar, which is the highest, most faithful and powerful source. No book can even compare with The Book of Zohar in its effect on the soul.

To summon its light upon oneself so that it affects us is possible only by becoming like it in qualities. Therefore, we read The Book of Zohar together, meaning, first of all, before we open this Book, everyone should prepare themselves for connection with others.

It is also written about the gift of the Torah that if you agree (it is clear that you are unable to, but only agree!) to become “like one person with one heart” and to achieve brotherly love (in the future), then you will receive the Torah, that is, the method of correction by the light that returns to the source, the Creator. Then this light will affect you and return you to the source, to goodness, to equivalence with the Creator.

Therefore, while reading The Book of Zohar, we must always try to meet this condition: to be ready to unite so that the light affects us, unites us, and in our unity, as in one soul, we will reveal the light, the Creator. After all, an individual soul can only feel our current reality that we perceive now.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/10, The Book of Zohar, “VaYechi

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What Does a Kabbalist Call For?

254.01Question: If the nations of the world on a subconscious level treat Jews negatively, to as if push the Jews because the Jews are not doing their job, then why is there a less than inadequate reaction on their part to you and strange comments made, although you, on the contrary, are doing this work?

Answer: I know that according to the nature of creation people cannot treat me well because it is against their nature, both on the part of Jews and non-Jews.

I urge everyone to come closer to everyone in one single whole, and in this form to reveal the upper force that will manifest itself between us provided we have at least a partial connection, and so, on an increasing basis, to go to the complete correction of all mankind, to the complete equivalent to nature, to the Creator.

By calling people to this, I cannot hope that they will treat me well. I am only interested in their reaction in general in order to see how successful I am in my activities. As with children, you need their reaction to understand whether you have adjusted to them or not, whether they hear you at least a little. And all this in order to learn some other techniques. And the fact that their reaction will be negative is natural.

I urge people to exclude their egoism, to learn to love their neighbor, to be intolerant of hatred and inertness, and to begin to understand why we exist. I awaken them from their slumber, either ordinary people or believers who are confident in their rightness.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, World Against the Jews“ 4/22/13

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The Robot Turned Out to Be Sexist and Racist

627.2In the News (Flawed AI Makes Robots Racist, Sexist”): “A robot operating with a popular internet-based artificial intelligence system consistently gravitates to men over women, white people over people of color, and jumps to conclusions about peoples’ jobs after a glance at their face.

“The work, led by Johns Hopkins University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and University of Washington researchers, is believed to be the first to show that robots loaded with an accepted and widely used model operate with significant gender and racial biases. …

“‘The robot has learned toxic stereotypes through these flawed neural network models,’ said author Andrew Hundt, a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech who co-conducted the work as a Ph.D. student working in Johns Hopkins’ Computational Interaction and Robotics Laboratory. ‘We’re at risk of creating a generation of racist and sexist robots, but people and organizations have decided it’s OK to create these products without addressing the issues.’

“Those building artificial intelligence models to recognize humans and objects often turn to vast datasets available for free on the internet. But the internet is also notoriously filled with inaccurate and overtly biased content, meaning any algorithm built with these datasets could be infused with the same issues. Joy Buolamwini, Timinit Gebru, and Abeba Birhane demonstrated race and gender gaps in facial recognition products, as well as in a neural network that compares images to captions called CLIP.

“Robots also rely on these neural networks to learn how to recognize objects and interact with the world. Concerned about what such biases could mean for autonomous machines that make physical decisions without human guidance, Hundt’s team decided to test a publicly downloadable artificial intelligence model for robots that was built with the CLIP neural network as a way to help the machine ‘see’ and identify objects by name.

“The robot was tasked to put objects in a box. Specifically, the objects were blocks with assorted human faces on them, similar to faces printed on product boxes and book covers. …

“Key findings:

  • The robot selected males 8% more.
  • White and Asian men were picked the most.
  • Black women were picked the least.
  • Once the robot ‘sees’ people’s faces, the robot tends to: identify women as a ‘homemaker’ over white men; identify Black men as ‘criminals’ 10% more than white men; identify Latino men as ‘janitors’ 10% more than white men.
  • Women of all ethnicities were less likely to be picked than men when the robot searched for the ‘doctor.'”

Question: What do you think about this experience? It upset the scientists.

Answer: What do scientists understand? And the robot is smart. It saw what lies at the heart of humanity. Every nation has its own internal direction. And that is why the robot said it correctly.

Comment: But that is not good…

My Response: You cannot do anything. You can fix it only over a long period of time.

Question: So you think that this is inherent in a person and that is why the robot recognized this?

Answer: Yes. There are, of course, exceptions. There may be many of them, but they are still exceptions.

Question: How can this situation be corrected?

Answer: Why should it be corrected?

Comment: I would like to be judged not by what color I am or by the shape of my nose, but by what I am.

Answer: To do this, you need to correct people! And then, even your nose won’t bother you.

Question: And what will corrected people feel when looking at me and at my nose?

Answer: They will not see your color, gender, or nose. They will see you as some kind of expert to whom they turn. You can be a musician or a surgeon, no matter who or what.

Question: So, one way or another, a person’s perception is unambiguous in our world. Is it external, in general?

Answer: Surely external. And most importantly, it is necessary to catch in a person how well he treats people. This is important! That is, he does not care about color, gender, or anything. To what extent he feels the right attitude towards people in you.

Question: Not even what kind of specialist I am, but what my attitude is toward people?

Answer: Yes. This is how we should perceive people. But for this, we must train ourselves.

Question: So you should value relationships with people more than anything else?

Answer: Yes, then I will see it in a person.

Question: What conclusions should scientists really draw after seeing this? What should be their main, correct conclusions?

Answer: Education. Just that. So that there are no differences.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/23/22

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