Who Gave Authority to the Jews

294.2Comment: Ar (this is how he abbreviates his name) writes to you : “I constantly listen to your videos. Tell me please, why do you always say that only Jews will change the world? Why take such a big responsibility on yourself and on the nation? Who gave you such authority at all? Do not tell me it is written in the Bible. Answer my question, teacher.”

It looks like he is a beginner student with us and does not understand why only Jews are entrusted with such responsibility.

My Response: It is because the method of correcting the world, which is called “Kabbalah,” is found precisely among the Jews, and it was given to them thousands of years ago.

Comment: But by singling out our people, we are causing a lot of resistance.

My Response: I understand this, but it is better when you understand that this is the truth and that you are hated for it. According to this truth, you must reveal to the world the method of correction, and that is why humanity hates you.

That is, I accept this challenge and say: “Yes, you are right; the problem is with us; we are to blame. But killing me will not make it any easier for you. It’s better to listen and think how we can really use this eternal truth.”

Comment: But it looks like there is not much proof of this.

My Response: There will be a proof if we fulfill what is indicated.

Comment: So you are saying, so far let’s say, it is just words. For many people it is words.

My Response: Of course. But on the other hand they can say: “So this is why we really hate them! It means that we hate them correctly.”

Question: What if a person doesn’t find hatred in himself? Great numbers of people do not find hatred for Jews in themselves. We are kind of incessantly telling them: “You hate Jews! They hate us!” But they do not find it.

Answer: Then come to all of us; we will do it together! Let’s correct the world together.

Comment: In short, it is a vicious circle. There are a large number of comments on your videos all the time. And they are all exactly in the direction of the chosen people: “What are you saying about yourself? Who gave you the right? Why are you so sure about this?”

My Response: They say it themselves! After all, all of humanity still has some special opinions, attitudes, suspicions, demands, and so on regarding the Jews. I just want to show this matter normally and reveal what the problem is. This problem is thousands of years old. Enough of somehow obscuring it or refusing it!

Question: What should be the actions of a person who is not a Jew? And who wants to hear you?

Answer: A person just needs to hear what I am saying.

Question: Do you assign any specific actions to a Jew?

Answer: Yes. A Jew has to find out why he is special. Then, in accordance with this, to reveal this peculiarity to all the nations of the world. And together with them, with all the nations of the world, to get down to changing humanity, nature, and everything that exists.

Question: From what to what?

Answer: From the absolute egoism of humanity to make the opposite action—a connection. This is exactly the responsibility of the Jews. All the nations of the world need to listen to what the Jews say; maybe they really are saying something sensible. This may be our salvation.

Comment: But only some Jews say this. Most Jews do not say what you say at all.

My Response: They do not know and do not understand, just like the nations of the world, that they have the responsibility to come to connection themselves and bring the world to it.

People will hear it anyway.

Question: What hope do you have? You repeat this all the time.

Answer: My hope is based on the fact that the world will not end just like that and will not enter some other state. In the end, it will force all the nations of the world, including Jews, to think about what the correction of the world is, what we really need to do and what we, and first of all the Jews, need to come to.

This is not easy. But time goes on.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/18/22

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