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A Language that Attracts the Light

525First, we must know that when dealing with spiritual matters, which have no concern with time, space, or motion, and moreover when dealing with Godliness, we do not have the words by which to contemplate and express. Our entire vocabulary is taken from sensations of imaginary senses.

For this reason, the sages of the Kabbalah have chosen a special language that we can call “the language of the branches” (Baal HaSulam, Study of the Ten Sefirot, Part 1, “Restriction and Line,” Inner Observation).

The language of the branches is a special language used by Kabbalists. On one hand, it is taken from our world, and on the other hand from the sensation that they take from the upper world. It turns out that while speaking in the language of our world, Kabbalists propose to describe some phenomena in the upper world.

In principle, this is impossible, but when a person gradually studies the text, devotes a lot of time to this, and wants to attain the real spiritual laws and actions, then he invites the upper light to come closer to him because it is how it is embedded in the text itself by its author.

Therefore, a person begins to come closer to understanding the inner meaning of the text. In this way, he slowly overcomes this basically insurmountable barrier between our world and the spiritual world and begins to understand spiritual actions through the words of our world.

In the Study of the Ten Sefirot, Baal HaSulam provides a dictionary of Kabbalistic terms and gives an explanation of them that is close to understanding in our world. But still, this is not our world.

Light, darkness, becoming closer, distancing, restriction—in general he tries to explain all actions of the spiritual world with the help of various terms, and by studying them we attract the surrounding light upon ourselves.

In fact, we do not understand what it is about, but we at the same time awaken the upper light, which influences us and brings us closer to feeling the actions of the upper light
From KabTV’s The Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES) 10/16/22

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Prayer from the Entire Universe

935If I transfer my inner yearning, my cry, into an appeal through the friends to the Creator, then it turns into a prayer. The prayer should come from a few people together, from at least two people but preferably from the ten (from the Minyan). Then the Creator will surely hear it and answer it.

The prayer from the ten means that we all feel this demand, but of course each in his own way. We want to connect because in this connection we reach the quality of Lishma, we reveal the Creator, and through our connection we connect with the Creator. Then into this connection He can give us the necessary force of unity, the feeling of unity and connection with the Creator.

All this is attained within our connection; therefore, this word should be like a guiding beacon for us.

Each of us has his own prayer from his own state because none of us is similar to the other. But all of our prayers are connected in the Creator. He is the source for all of us, and therefore He understands us, connects us, and fills us. Everything is done by the Creator; this is His work. This is why whatever we are engaging in is called the work of the Creator.

We connect our prayers because we understand that none of us will achieve anything without a common connection with the help of the Creator. Therefore we turn to Him and ask Him to connect us and raise us to a higher degree in order to become bestowing like He is. When everyone becomes included in this, we reach complete bestowal, which is then passed on to the Creator.

We begin with a common prayer with our ten; we feel how far away from each other we are, then we come closer, again we move away, and again we come closer, as if waves are passing over us.

The ten is our foundation, but around it we begin to feel many other such systems that want to connect with each other like star systems that connect into one galaxy. The galaxies connect into a metagalaxy, and so we connect more and more, and each time reveal details deeper into each individual and broader into the general connection.

This is how we discover the work of the Creator; we delve into the particular and into His essence and greatness inside the collective, and we feel how He fills and controls everything.

We are searching for connection by depicting it in all possible forms and by asking the Creator for it. I want to embrace and include everyone, to understand and feel everyone, and to connect with everyone. Through that I begin to feel like I am filling the entire universe. This means that little by little I am beginning to attain the general Malchut.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/22, “On the Verge of Lishma

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Reincarnations—Where Does the Previous Soul Go?

622.01Question: If the soul of a person is exchanged, if he is given another one, where does the previous one go?

Answer: It does not go anywhere. There are reincarnations of souls all the time; they move from one state to another.

In general, there is only one soul in the world, and all that happens to it is the development of its constituent parts.

We see the world as differentiated, divided into different souls that are clothed in different bodies. But if you look with different eyes, it is one soul.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/9/22

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Is It All About Me?

508.1Comment: Max watched your video and wrote to ask: “So is it all about me and not the world ?!”

My Response: Of course it is all about the person. And what about the world? What is the world? The world is a reflection of you.

Comment: But a person cannot imagine that there are no people, there is no world, there is no bad. This is very difficult for him.

My Response: I understand this because for any person, including a Kabbalist, there are periods when he is enclosed in himself and feels everything through himself and does not give an account of this. He is especially shaken so well. The upper force is working on him. And then it gives him the opportunity to return to the correct perception of reality.

On the opposites of these impressions, his inner and outer, he can determine what this world that we perceive in our senses means and what the real, true world that we perceive above our senses means. Faith is higher than knowledge.

Question: You say that he perceives everything in himself. Does this mean that he perceives everything in his feelings? Is this a wrong perception of the world?

Answer: This is incorrect, incomplete, and wrong. He must complete this by rising higher, above the senses.

Question: But it is impossible to give an example of this, right?

Answer: No. This person must reveal himself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/17/22

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Will the Brain Be Controlled by Computer?

962.7Question: In the future we will be able to control our brains using a computer or smartphone. Does it mean that we ourselves will become robots?

Answer: There will be such a connection perhaps partially. At least, it will be possible to give signals and commands through a smartphone or through a computer, and to extract information from ourselves and print it.

After all, what is a person? Just an interface.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/17/22

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How Can You Check If You Are in Lo Lishma?

263Question: How can you check if you are in a state of Lo Lishma from which we come to Lishma?

Answer: Lo Lishma means that a person strives for the truth. He has heard and theoretically has an idea of what it is, but at the same time, he is still in the intention to receive for his own sake.

If we measure Lo Lishma on a scale from 0 to 100%, in a case of a friend who borrowed $1,000 from me, then 0% Lo Lishma is when a friend is obliged to repay the $1,000 to me.

1% Lo Lishma is when he returns $999 to me and I accept it as a repayment of the entire $1,000. And 100% Lo Lishma is when he gives me back $0, an empty envelope. I check it with my senses, I see that there is nothing there, and I accept it as a debt repaid in full. That is, it shows how much I can go above my desires to receive.

But of course, all this progress is possible only due to the influence of the surrounding light. When we move from Lo Lishma to Lishma, the direct light begins to act.

Baal HaSulam gives such a definition of Lo Lishma in the article “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 12: Indeed, practicing Torah and Mitzvot Lo Lishma means that one believes in the Creator, in the Torah, and in reward and punishment, and engages in the Torah because the Creator commanded the engagement, but associates his own pleasure with bringing contentment to his Maker.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/15/13, Shamati #64 “From Lo Lishma to Lishma

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“What is the basis for negative emotions?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is the basis for negative emotions?

We should first understand that negative emotions surface in order to change us and bring us to a more positive state. Similar to diseases, they are signs that something is wrong. For instance, if my foot hurts, it is not that there is a problem with the foot, but it shows me that there is a certain problem that I have to take care of. I thus have to delve into the depth of the problem and take care of it.

Therefore, negative emotions tell us that there is something wrong in ourselves, our families, society, and our relationships. Today, we cloud our negative emotions with leisure of all sorts. Whether it is travel, sports, entertainment, getting drunk, taking drugs or going out to various clubs, negative emotions have become so strong that there is a great need in people to forget about and suppress them, and so leisure has become a much-sought-out solution.

The fact that we turn to forgetting about and suppressing our negative emotions so much shows that we fail to understand the root cause of the problem. Negative emotions are symptoms of a deeper problem that we need to accurately diagnose in order to heal ourselves of them.

The root cause of negative emotions is in fact the root cause of all problems on individual, social and global scales, and between the person and the still, vegetative and animate levels of nature. From the tiniest problem to the worst possible disaster, our every problem is sourced in our very egoistic nature, where we wish to benefit ourselves at the expense of others and nature.

The more we evolve, the more our egos grow, and thus the more we experience outbursts of all kinds of problems. This is why we feel much more negative emotions today than in the past, and we can see such phenomena in the rising cases of depression, loneliness, anxiety, stress, drug abuse and suicide worldwide. Eventually, we will reach a state where the increasing negative emotions we experience will make us ask about their deeper cause, and we will increasingly recognize our very egoistic human nature as their base cause.

The problem with our egoistic nature is not that we want to enjoy ourselves. It is that we want to enjoy ourselves at the expense of others, and by doing so, we harm others and only then feel that we gain. Until we correct our egoism, switching the desire to enjoy at the expense of others to a desire that enjoys by benefiting others—a process that we can implement if we upgrade the way in which we educate and influence each other—then we will experience more and more negative emotions and other problems in order to show us that we are failing to conduct ourselves correctly and that desperate need to change.

Based on the video “Why Do We Have Negative Emotions?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Nitzah Mazoz. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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