What Is Life and Death?

712.03 Is there life after death and can it really be called life? This is a question that worries many. I would put the question in a different way: Can we call our reality in which we are now life, exactly? It is written that it is not called life.

How do we know that we live? We are in some kind of a dream, and we dream that we live, spin, drive, fly, that is, we perform many actions. In fact, the so–called “life” is just a form of existence of protein matter. It all depends on what is considered life.

Our existence is very limited and primitive. We are constantly suffering from limitations and changes and are dissatisfied with such a life that does not bring us joy. Is this life or not? Until we know what real life is, we cannot answer this question.

So, what is death? Is it only when I stop breathing or when the biological processes in my body stop? It is unlikely that life is limited to just that.

Modern science reveals other forms of life in other parts of the universe. It turns out that this is also life. And if we descend far into the depths of the ocean, a dozen kilometers, we will find life there too. Some unusual life forms have been found on the moon.

Therefore, it is a big question: What is life and what is death? If we are talking only about the protein form, which is the basis of our body, then we are limited by the fact that life is a form of existence of protein matter. It turns out that if there is no protein, there is no life. Thus, we very much limit ourselves.

The science of Kabbalah defines life not as a form of existence of protein matter, but as a person existing in the quality of bestowal. This means that he comes out of his egoism and exists outside of himself.

And death is separation from existing in one’s desire to enjoy, in egoism. When an egoist ceases to receive egoistic fulfillment, it is death for him.

But in the spiritual worlds, at all levels, it is not the force of reception that acts like in our world, but the force of bestowal. Attaining this force of bestowal is called spiritual life and attaining the force of reception is called material life.

We live with the force of reception that we are born with. However, we have the opportunity to move from the force of reception to the force of bestowal. Therefore, we have been given the science of Kabbalah, which explains how to gain the second force, the force of bestowal, and live in it. Then we will be able to understand the cycles of souls because we will be able to change ourselves, transfer from one state to another by the force of bestowal, and thus approach the upper, true reality.
From KabTV’s “World” 9/1/22

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