The Book Of Zohar—Revealed In People

65Question: The Book of Zohar was written 2,000 years ago. Do you know the current location of the original book, its first scrolls? After all, there were a huge number of scrolls, and only 5-10% reached us.

Answer: Yes, initially The Book of Zohar consisted of 100 volumes, but a maximum of three or five of them have reached our time.

Question: Can the original source itself ever be revealed?

Answer: I think it can be, but why reveal it? If a thousand more pieces of parchment are revealed, like the Qumran scrolls, for example, so what?

The Book of Zohar must be revealed in people. People need to understand its meaning, its basis. This is the most important thing.

Question: Baal HaSulam notes that this book has made a very strong impression on the world. Where are the consequences of this visible in our world?

Answer: We don’t see that, but, in principle, if such knowledge, such force, is manifested at least in something, in people, in forces at the level of our world, then this should give the world a big boost in its movement toward final correction.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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