Toward Intelligent Coexistence

271Comment: Nowadays, more and more, scientists, public figures, and national leaders agree on the need to create some kind of unified global idea that contributes to the survival of mankind.

And although the reverse process is still going on, meaning, there are attempts to defend specific traditional values, in general the following trend is manifested, the creation of a single global vision for all, which would speed up the process of cognition of the programmer who created the universe.

My Response: We cannot get away from this, we have to do it. Nature pushes us to understand it and come to some kind of reasonable human community. It is impossible to continue like this, because every moment we will be more and more afraid for ourselves, for humanity, for the world, and for our Earth to continue to exist.

We need to move into a new reality. Now it seems like it is virtual to us, even fantastic. But it works exactly according to the mirror principle: turn your evil into good and you will see how the world will become completely different, and you will be different, and so will everyone else.

We have no other way out. We have to come to this.
From KabTV’s “Virtual World” 2/9/22

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