What Does a Kabbalist Call For?

254.01Question: If the nations of the world on a subconscious level treat Jews negatively, to as if push the Jews because the Jews are not doing their job, then why is there a less than inadequate reaction on their part to you and strange comments made, although you, on the contrary, are doing this work?

Answer: I know that according to the nature of creation people cannot treat me well because it is against their nature, both on the part of Jews and non-Jews.

I urge everyone to come closer to everyone in one single whole, and in this form to reveal the upper force that will manifest itself between us provided we have at least a partial connection, and so, on an increasing basis, to go to the complete correction of all mankind, to the complete equivalent to nature, to the Creator.

By calling people to this, I cannot hope that they will treat me well. I am only interested in their reaction in general in order to see how successful I am in my activities. As with children, you need their reaction to understand whether you have adjusted to them or not, whether they hear you at least a little. And all this in order to learn some other techniques. And the fact that their reaction will be negative is natural.

I urge people to exclude their egoism, to learn to love their neighbor, to be intolerant of hatred and inertness, and to begin to understand why we exist. I awaken them from their slumber, either ordinary people or believers who are confident in their rightness.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, World Against the Jews“ 4/22/13

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