It Is Time for People to Open Their Eyes

254.02Question: What kind of results would you like to see from your work?

Answer: As a result of my work, I would like to see the world beginning to understand the true state of things, understanding what I am writing about in the blog where the same thing is constantly repeated.

I already do not know what to do!? Maybe abandon this blog?! But I cannot! Who will read posts written a year, two, or five years ago, even though they are still relevant? That is why I write every day. I have nothing to say anymore. It is necessary to wait until the world will realize the dead end of its development.

Now humanity is already beginning to talk about the need for unification. Here and there articles appear that we need a completely different attitude to life. First of all, about reasonable, normal, even minimal consumption; otherwise, 90% of the world, if not more, will starve and be in need of basic necessities!

It is necessary to be seriously engaged in education so that everyone will begin to understand what kind of world we are entering. As of today, we exist at the animate level of development, not at the human level.

Human is something above egoism, above our nature! We are not at that level and for the time being we live as animals. Why as? Because animals are triggered by nature instinctively. They instinctively do everything they need, and therefore do not make mistakes. We, humans, are gradually losing this instinct.

For many years, nature pushed and developed us, and now it is slowly starting to let go. Now we are lost. From the beginning of the 20th century, we began to feel: What should we do? Where should we go? Previously, nature guided us, like all animals, and we had no questions, but now we do not know what to do.

We are entering a new, integral phase, but we ourselves do not correspond to it and do not know how to act. We are within the forces that pass between us because they are integral. They are interconnected in a system, but we are completely different.

Moreover, we do not see or feel it. We just feel that we would like to do something, but cannot. What to press, what to push, what to pull? Something is affecting us, but what we do not feel. We end up in some kind of n-dimensional space, as if, we are passing through it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. To See the Future” 2/5/13

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