How to Enjoy Life?

627.2Comment: In ordinary life we often do something not for pleasure but out of necessity. And we sometimes even force ourselves, let’s say you need to feed your body or do basic home maintenance.

My Response: No, it is necessary to receive pleasure, and not deny it. Let’s say I’m thinking about the spiritual, about the exalted, about bestowal. But if I can enjoy it to that extent, I must do so.

After all, the purpose of creation is enjoyment and fulfillment because the Creator is good and doing good. It’s not clear, I understand. I feel how these contradictions collide in a person. They are not easy to reconcile, but in the end they will be reconciled.

A person should not give up normal pleasures for a single moment in his life. On the contrary, he should only aspire to the Creator above all pleasures, and then he will make the correct restriction on himself. And if he begins to shut himself up and deny himself, it will not be a restriction, but a torture against the Creator’s will.

The Creator wants a person to feel fulfilled at every moment of time. When your fulfillment is in what you give instead of what you receive, then replace one with the other. You will still enjoy. By making a restriction on yourself, you will not cry, suffer, and torture yourself, but you will enjoy the fact that you have achieved the ability to bestow. There is such joy in this!

In no case, if it is not to the detriment of others, should a person deny fulfillment. Only to prefer more exalted pleasure to the lowly ones, until they replace each other, alternately, gradually, and reach the highest level.

And then one constantly thanks the Creator. Otherwise, he curses Him in his heart. If a person does not get pleasure, he curses the One who gave him this life, who governs it.

In everyday life, eating normally, sleeping, doing everything you need to do for yourself becomes part of our spiritual work. My teacher Rabash, the great Kabbalist, the last Mohican, loved to eat delicious food, ate with pleasure and praised the taste and smell of food.

That is, in no case you should do it! This is the embodiment of small pleasures that the Creator gives us so that we can begin to combine them across the entire spectrum: from the smallest to the greatest. And all this together comes from one light.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Enjoy Life?” 2/16/13

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