Entering The Zohar

65Question: What does a person discover for himself when he enters The Book of Zohar?

Answer: A person begins to feel the immense world that this book tells about. The world suddenly opens up in front of him from all sides, like a spherical screen.

Moreover, it does not just move apart like a screen, it’s as if it gradually disappears, like a sphere filled with dark light that slowly evaporates, and there is a feeling as if you are in a cosmos of sensations of interconnection between you and the general force, the Creator.

By the way, many of the people who have been in outer space feel that way. They are disconnected from the influence of Earth’s inhabitants, and although they are under constant pressure from Earth, they still feel that humanity has a different purpose, that the universe is full of thought, and that this is a grand vision. They speak about this sensation, not because it exists in space, but because the Earth is not pressing on them there.

Question: How many times have people tried to visualize a spiritual state and invent some images or 3D graphics, but it is all very limited. And according to the sensations, a person perceives only light? How is it possible with the help of words and images to convey this?

Answer: Nothing can be conveyed! No hints! There are articles and if you feel something according to the article, you feel it; if not, then no.

These feelings cannot be conveyed because we are not adequately attuned to them. If in your five senses there is a sensation of salty, bitter, sweet, or some sounds, or some smells, or touches, etc., then something can be conveyed to you. You’ll remember or tune in.

And if you don’t have this sense organ and its archive, if a certain set of impressions is accordingly absent, then nothing can be done.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Entering The Zohar 3/22/13

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