Sports Have Turned into a Hunt

737.01In the News (RT): “A mother who helped her son cross the finish line in a 10kms race as he looked set to collapse from exhaustion has cost the runner a silver medal.

“Artem Burtsev led the event in the Russian Far Eastern region of Yakutia for most of its duration.

“Nearing the end, however, he began to stumble in 34C (93F) heat and was overtaken by an opponent.

“Seeing her son struggling, his mother ran out onto the track and helped him get over the finish line.

“But it was ruled that the interference would cost Burtsev a silver medal.”

Question: Maybe we should do the opposite? Maybe we should promote an athlete helping an athlete or a mom coming to her child’s aid, rather than who wins first place. What do you think?

Answer: Of course. In fact, sports have become unpleasant. There is no joy or lightness from it; there is no pleasure in it. It’s like war.

Question: Is this the feeling you get when you watch it?

Answer: I do not watch it.

Question: Is this the reason you don’t watch it?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Did it used to be okay to watch it earlier on?

Answer: Earlier, of course.

Question: What has sport turned into?

Answer: Sport has turned into a hunt! It’s like you’re going out into the jungle to hunt for this medal. You have to crush everyone.

Question: But how should it be?

Answer: People should fight for reaching goals together. Let’s say that at some stadium, in some sport, given particular conditions, they achieve the maximum result. This result applies to everyone.

In general, I am against awards.

Question: What do I fight for, then? What do I get out of this?

Answer: There is your answer: “If not an award, what’s in it for me?” It follows that it is not sports you love but a medal.

Comment: Right, a medal or the recognition, the applause.

My Response No, a medal is something you can wear, some kind of insignia. It’s for yourself and others. But I wouldn’t distinguish it by ranking. The main thing is participation!

Question: Participation alone? You think this will be enough for people?

Answer: If they love sports, then yes.

Question: So tell me, when an athlete helps an athlete, when it gets tough, when a mother comes to help, what pedestal do you put it on? What place do you give it?

Answer: This is the most important thing! This is what you can award a medal for—for helping. The fundamental rule of sports should be camaraderie and mutual help! To show everyone and ourselves the potential that lies within us. That’s all.

Question: What about the soccer players? They play in teams, what kind of friendship is there? I have to win, to score in the other’s goal.

Answer: They should feel good about it. It depends on the upbringing.

Comment: I feel good about scoring a goal and that our team is winning.

My Response: Others do too, based on the beauty of their play!

Question: So beautiful soccer is showcased for spectators’ enjoyment? And everyone is happy!

Answer: Sure. Let the soccer be artistic: keeping the ball in the air, passing it skillfully. Not pushing or tripping each other.

Question: So the main concern of athletes should be giving pleasure to the viewers?

Answer: Not only to the viewers but to themselves too.

Question: How should the audience perceive it? I’m still a fan of this club. How should I take it all?

Answer: You will root for this club. You will be sad or happy as a result. So what?

Question: And if others win, what should I do as a spectator?

Answer: You’re going to root; it’s a sport after all.

Question: What about martial arts? When it’s not a team fight but wrestlers or boxers, how should we feel about that?

Answer: It’s quite simple here. Everything is on display. You’re fighting and you’re not giving in to him. You fight, and the opponent fights.

Question: But what should we wish for? What should we desire?

Answer: To show the beauty of it.

Question: What is the beauty that should be shown?

Answer: They must find a way to demonstrate the positive force.

Question: The positive force is still a force. How can it be good?

Answer: Yes, there is a good force and an evil one.

The good force is when we demonstrate together our good attitude toward each other. As in “friendship has won.”

Without this, nothing good will happen. There will be drugs, drinking, anything. The devil knows what goes on in sports.

Question: That is, if you don’t put “friendship won” at the forefront?

Answer: That’s right.

Question: I remember in my early childhood when I was told: “Friendship won.” I was five or six years old and was being comforted, they raised my hand and another child’s hand. Do you think it should be this way in major league sports?

Answer: Yes. As a spectator sport, I would not allow sports to be shown unless kindness and rapprochement between people is manifested in it, such that the struggle they wage between them demonstrates their struggle over egoism—that they showcase the struggle over their egoism.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/7/22

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