The New Olympic Games Motto

600.02Comment: The Olympic Games motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger” was introduced in 1894.

Now the International Olympic Committee has added the following to this motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger—Together!”

My Response: This is good. The recognition of evil is already beginning.

This suggests that, theoretically, a turn to “together” is coming. People are aware of what the most important thing in these games is and why we should have them as well as any other event of mankind.

We can compete and think how to beat the others but only so that friendship will win in the end.

I think that this manifests in people out of powerlessness and not out of their determination to get closer. Yet, it does appear.

Question: How would the Olympic Games look like if this together would be filtered through the heart?

Answer: No, this is impossible to imagine. You are suggesting that people would compete not to win but to defeat themselves!

Question: Are the Olympic Games and sports in general suitable for defeating oneself?

Answer: If the Olympic Games were based on the same principle as in ancient Greece—when wars stopped, when everything stopped—absolutely everything! Nothing happened! Only peaceful competitions and, in fact, it practically was not a competition. It was just a demonstration of capabilities of a person who overcomes nature, his internal physiological, physical nature, and at the same time also overcomes his egoistic nature, which is even more internal.

Question: Do you think this is what they had there, even just a little?

Answer: There were at least some rudiments of movement toward each other.

Comment: And now, on the background of wars, troubles, earthquakes, failure to help each other…

My Response: And now, it is because they are being pushed by all sorts of political, economic benefits, and so on.

Comment: That is, if it was aimed at winning over oneself…

My Response: So that all of us rise together. Can you imagine what heights these games would have? We are preparing to demonstrate to the entire world our human capabilities in order to rise above ourselves in spirit. Athletes would be great Kabbalists. I think they are taking some steps toward this. Otherwise, this would not exist.

Question: Are we for adding “together” to the motto of the Olympic Games?

Answer: Yes. We are always for together.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/22/21

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