The Special Feature Of The Book Of Zohar

65Question: What is special about The Book of Zohar?

Answer: This book changes people if they follow it. It is written and connected with such higher sources, which greatly influence a person and are able to reveal the hidden qualities of bestowal and love in him.

The Book of Zohar evokes an illumination of the upper light on a person. In the sources, The Flag of the Camp of Ephraim, it is written: “Those who have not been honored to understand The Book of the Zohar should still study it, since the language of The Zohar cleanses the soul.”

Question: In the same sourcebook, it is said that The Book of Zohar explains Maase Bereshit (Initial Action) and Maase Merkava (Action of Creation). What are these states?

Answer: Maase Bereshit are texts about the creation of the world, about the whole creation, and its system. And Maase Merkava are texts that tell about the work of governance of the systems of this world, the connection of all souls, and their cycles. Both apply specifically to us. We need to uncover these systems and take part in them. It is written about this in The Book of Zohar, maybe a few lines, but through them a person begins to see the whole system.

It is said that The Book of Zohar has a new interpretation every day. It depends on the quality of a person. If he changes, if he becomes more corrected, then every day he sees the Book itself differently. It reveals to him greater and greater depths of its text.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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