The Main Problem of the World Is Education

265Humanity has already passed through various social formations in the process of its development: capitalism, socialism, etc. It has yet to come to the state of the modern world where it is clear to everyone that some more developed form of society is needed, but it is unclear where to go further and how.

We have stopped at a point where even with all the technological progress, we will not be able to live better because our egoistic relationships will poison our whole life. We have reached the red line where it is becoming obvious that the current form of interpersonal communication within society does not correspond at all to the high level of technology, culture, and education.

Therefore, internal pressure is growing within society itself, and it requires change. We see that in all countries of the world, in varying degrees, there is an urgent need to change relations between people because they contradict the form of our life, communication, and technological stage of development.

You need to understand that the next change will not happen at the expense of wars; they will not help. We have already seen this with the example of the last war. It is necessary to change people, not some external framework around them. If we do not change the person himself, then we have no hope for a peaceful and happy life.

If a person remains egoistic, he will be able to work only under coercion. Therefore, the only way out is to give each person a sense of his connection with the purpose of society and belonging so that he feels like an inseparable part of his country and people.

A person should receive inner, spiritual fulfillment from his work, that is, satisfaction from his connection with everyone and from the fact that he receives a reward from above and not a material reward in his egoism. He will feel that this raises him closer to the Creator and gives him spiritual fulfillment.

This is possible only through proper education. This is the main problem of the world. Everyone will have to sit down at their desks and study again, not just listen to the teacher, but practically implement this science of connection among themselves.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/18/22, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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