Only Education!

laitman_232_06Question: In my opinion, humans are a bunch of well-dressed savages. This is proven by the experience of the Nazis being cultured, informed, and educated. How many blows of fate are required for us to become human from the viewpoint of Kabbalah?

Answer: I believe that the blows will not help here. Only education will help,  in which we can attract the positive force of nature. This is the only problem!

We can talk, discuss, think, and philosophize about the necessity to somehow balance a person to make him good or maybe beat him with a stick to drive him toward happiness, but this won’t help! All of these methods have already been tried!

Without the positive force of nature, the negative force cannot change anything by itself. You can drive a person in a corner, sitting there trembling with fear and continue to beat him, but this will not change his nature! It is impossible to demand that a person change his nature! It is only possible to offer to show him how to awaken and attract the positive force to balance the negative force, but not destroy it! Nothing in the world was created without a reason! We just need to awaken and attract another force.

We will not accomplish anything with the blows! Humanity has already gone through enough suffering so that with the help of Kabbalists they will also understand that what we need is for the positive force to operate in balance with the negative force.

Question: I understand how electricity or electromagnetic waves appear. But how does the positive force of nature appear? How will I know that I have attracted it?

Answer: A person begins to feel that he only wants to use a positive attitude toward those who are near or far, toward all of humanity, and toward all of nature: the still, vegetative, and animate.

In the first stage of correction, he puts the positive force into his life. In the next stage, he corrects his negative nature with the positive force because it is not only necessary to bring out the positive force, but he must also correct the negative force with its help.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/3/16

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