According To Spiritual Laws

947The Jews are the people who left ancient Babylon, adopted the Kabbalistic method of existence, and settled down according to this method.

The Romans and the Greeks are parts of Babylon that took a different path and settled down according to their egoism. This is described in the books of the historian Flavius Josephus who lived in Rome and wrote Antiquities of the Jews.

Rome developed absolutely materialistically, in complete contrast to Jerusalem, because the Jews lived according to certain laws that were set originally from Abraham.

They were taught how to behave in the city, in the family, and in their circle, and also how to strictly observe the code aimed at equality, respect for each individual and his development. There was no difference between a poor man’s son and a rich man’s son. Each received the same education.

There was no such thing that a girl from a poor family without a dowry could not get married. This was always the concern of the whole community or city. Not a single girl, neither poor nor rich, remained unmarried.

All this was spelled out in the laws and was very clearly carried out because these are spiritual laws that speak of a maximally corrected society.

The king had to give an account to his people. In the Psalms, King David seems to cry to the Creator, “Look what I have to do as a king: judge and participate in all the showdowns. I am obliged, obliged, obliged…”.

The roots of this ideology originate in the spiritual where everyone is equal and interconnected and each completely determines the position and condition of each other.

Therefore, there is no small and there is no big, everything is a circle, a ball.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Formula of the Creator” 7/18/10

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